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Novum Structures select Microsoft Dynamics 365 and sa.global

Company overview

Headquartered near Milwaukee, WI, USA, and with offices in the US, Germany, UK, China, India, Turkey, and Italy, Novum Structures is one of the world’s leading specialty contractors for high technology spatial architectural structures and enclosures. Novum Structures’ high-tech architectural enclosures include atriums, roofs, canopies, facades, and other structures that are found in museums, airports, resorts, shopping malls, and commercial and government buildings.

Novum Structures provides an integrated set of services that span the lifecycle of developing their structures. Novum’s engineers and project managers provide design, development, pre-construction, engineering, and project management services to ensure that their clients’ design, budget, and schedule criteria are met.

Client overview

Novum Structures is a leading global provider of design and build solutions for spatial architectural enclosures, including atriums, roofs, canopies, facades, and other structures.


Novum Structures selected Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the new business platform and sa.global provided implementation services to help with the rollout.


A single, integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 system helped Novum Structures:

  • Streamline core business processes
  • Improve visibility and control over their global business

Manual processes impede project management

Prior to investigating new business software platforms, Novum Structures had been using the MAS/90 accounting software system to manage their business. As MAS/90 was not designed to be an advanced project accounting and management platform, Novum Structures were performing several of their project-oriented business processes manually through disconnected Excel spreadsheets and other tools. This resulted in a number of manual and redundant steps within their core business processes, making project management very difficult and limiting their reporting capabilities.

As Novum’s organization grew and expanded into several countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, their management team determined that it was imperative that the organization gain better visibility of their foreign operations and put additional controls in place across the business that would lead to more effective project delivery.

Single platform integrates multiple processes

After evaluating several alternative ERP solutions, Novum Structures selected Microsoft Dynamics 365 as their new business platform. sa.global was chosen to provide implementation services to help them with their Microsoft Dynamics 365 rollout.

sa.global worked with the Novum Structures project team to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the organization’s new platform for financial management, project accounting, and supply chain management processes. In addition to supporting Novum’s core accounting and project management processes, Novum Structures also provides “build” services for the procurement, fabrication, and installation of their enclosures. As such, they required the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 supply chain management as well.

The project accounting and project management solution includes an integrated framework for setting up, budgeting, costing, and invoicing their projects, and utilizes a web-based timesheet system to collect and approve project time. Novum Structures’ US organization was implemented first, followed by the implementation in their foreign subsidiaries.

Better control over global business

With the use of a single, integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 enterprise software system across their organization, Novum Structures has been able to improve their visibility and control over their global business. In addition, by integrating their accounting, project management, and supply chain execution processes into a single application, Novum Structures has been able to streamline many of their core business processes which were previously done manually, as well as achieve a level of project control that helps them deliver their services to their clients more effectively

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