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How a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution can help

Does your organization rely on people to create and deliver value to clients?

Do you deliver billable work – billing your clients for the amount of work you perform?

Are ‘time and materials’ or ‘time and engagement’ critical metrics for you?

If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then you are a part of the professional services industry – a highly segmented sector ranging from technology to business consulting services, legal and accounting firms, advertising and marketing agencies, architecture, engineering, and construction management companies, etc.
The challenge: A project-based business like yours is significantly impacted by how your teams deliver value to clients and pursue profitable projects. You face serious challenges around resource management, project planning, and productivity. You want to deliver projects faster, more efficiently, and within tight budgets. And all the while, client needs should be met and expectations exceeded.

Now, you could be using a custom, homegrown ERP solution or disparate systems for project management, time tracking, invoicing, resource planning, business intelligence and collaboration, or even spreadsheets to manage finance and projects. In an IT environment filled with multiple systems, your data is residing in multiple tools, which are not connected, leading to a lack of a consolidated view of projects.

The result: Your project teams do not have complete visibility of project profitability, status, resource utilization, billing realization, etc.

The solution: A Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution that offers consistent processes for planning, managing, and measuring the performance of each project through its lifecycle. By centralizing business processes and data, services can be delivered more predictably, and repetitive manual processes streamlined or automated.

What can a PSA solution do for you?

psa software
Project Accounting
Project Accounting
Integrate with your core financial accounting systems to track client invoices, forecast revenue, and enable reporting of project profitability.
Project Delivery
Project Delivery
Manage day-to-day execution of projects – status, resource management, task completion, tracking of actual effort versus forecast, and risk identification.
Time and Billing
Time and Billing
Use tools to track actual effort, forecast effort, record costs, and automate billing and invoicing.
Resource Utilization
Resource Utilization
Guide project managers to find the right person with the right skills at the right time, with visibility across projects.

Take the next step to streamline project management

If you have a vision for your project-based business but don’t know where to start, schedule an envisioning session with our consultants – to investigate your project lifecycle for areas to accelerate, prioritize your challenges, and identify how to improve your project processes.

This free session is a great opportunity for you to rethink your existing systems and see how Microsoft Dynamics applications can strengthen your project management processes. 

Agenda: Envisioning Session
Show and Tell: Overview and business impact of Microsoft Business Applications
Dynamics 365 for Professional Services: Walkthrough of evergreen + empower from
Data and Insights: Ready business apps, assistants, and report packs for Professional Services
Quick time to value: Get running in weeks, not months with business-ready evergreen

evergreen + empower: A single system to run a
project-based business

Working in silos between disparate systems is ineffective and time-consuming. So why not have your system accommodate the way you work instead of the other way around? evergreen + empower, our next-generation, true-cloud solutions for Professional Services organizations enables you to do just that – integrate diverse systems under one platform. Built from the ground up to leverage Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and Power Platform, evergreen + empower efficiently connect your teams, clients, and business processes to drive greater efficiency, better insights, and enhanced client service.

Dynamic 365 PSA
A single Microsoft platform that integrates your data, business logic, and processes to derive actionable insights.
cloud based erp software professional services
A ‘true cloud’ that makes it easier to manage projects as information is stored in a secure, efficient, accessible, and collaborated manner.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for project management
Design principles that provide a rich, interactive user experience where you work – in the browser, Microsoft Teams, or on your mobile device.

Selecting the right solution

best professional services automation software

This eBook highlights how a PSA solution brings together disparate project management needs – managing time and expenses, resource allocation and utilization, project tracking, and providing a holistic view of project cost and profitability – under one hood on a single, integrated platform.

ERP Software for professional services

Learn how evergreen + empower, the PSA solution for Professional Services firms, can help break silos, improve visibility, and enhance productivity for project-based businesses, optimizing the four key performance pillars – Finance and Operations, Project Execution, Client Relationships, and Human Capital.

“What we liked about the new evergreen solution was that it was bringing a new dimension to our tool set… to take us far into the future than any other solution that we were looking at. The fact that evergreen is in the cloud meant we didn't have to worry about the hardware that was sitting in the office. It is all in the cloud and easily accessible and effectively, always on.”

– Mabel Harvey, IT Director, Fieldfisher

6 advantages of evergreen + empower for
project-based businesses

evergreen + empower for your business's evergreen+empower for law firm

For law firms

Transform the way your law firm works with evergreen + empower – a single solution that covers all the critical areas of your practice: from business development to finance and operations.'s evergreen IT services

For IT Services companies

evergreen for IT Services serves the entire value chain of an IT Services firm managing core functions like project management, time and billing, scheduling, and onboarding.'s evergreen+empower for advertising and marketing

For Ad & Mktg agencies

Turn the priorities of your advertising and marketing agency into growth with evergreen + empower – a cloud-based single-platform that supports you from bidding to billing.'s evergreen for AEc

For AEC firms

evergreen for AEc offers a single, integrated platform that connects all project data giving AEC firms the visibility to make teams more productive, and the firm more profitable. 


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