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Managed Services vs. basic support: How are they different?

Ensuring the peak performance of your Microsoft business applications is critical for your business, more so when you have transitioned to the cloud. Traditional Microsoft Dynamics 365 support is reactive in nature – you raise a ticket when there is an issue to be resolved and wait for it to be fixed. Compare that with Microsoft Dynamics Managed Services which is proactive, “always-on”, and constantly monitoring your environment to prevent any IT issues from disrupting business.

While basic break-fix support worked well for your on-prem solutions, being on the cloud means you need more!

Microsoft Dynamics Managed Services offers proactive, strategic guidance instead of just support tickets. With Managed Services, you can overcome the complexity of your Microsoft business applications, maintenance, and updates. The preventive care approach helps you identify potential threats and diagnose/ troubleshoot them before they even occur.

This is way beyond what basic break fix support offers!

Features Basic Support Managed Services
Can be availed in-house or outsourced
Ensures uptime of Dynamics applications
Specialized services such as environment and incident monitoring x
Suitable for cloud environments x
Dynamics applications stay current and optimized x
Regular Microsoft updates x
Platform advisory services x
Guidance on Dynamics licensing x
Dedicated account managers x
Access to Microsoft engineers for severe incidents x

Why choose’s Microsoft Dynamics Managed Services?

24x7x365 support through strategically located Global Service Centers
Extensive experience in Dynamics functional and technical support
Dedicated account managers for faster response times
Direct access to Microsoft support engineers
Over 400 pre-built test cases to accelerate and automate testing
Flexible resourcing model with the right skills and a focus on right shoring

Managed Services Plans from

As a Dynamics 365 support partner, offers four Managed Services plans for Microsoft Dynamics ERP/ CRM support, depending on your stage of growth and scale of requirements. Our Dynamics 365 support plans suit businesses of all sizes. We also tailor our Managed Services offerings to suit the unique needs of your business while providing a consistent level of service. Our plans are designed to follow a global governance model and global coverage though our Global Service Centers (GSCs) that are strategically mapped across major time zones to provide 24x7x365 coverage.

Managed Direct

Basic break-fix support essential for business continuity

Managed Essentials Lite

Basic support and add-on services at a single location

Managed Essentials Pro

Extended version of Essentials Lite with 24x7 support/ multiple locations

Managed Enterprise

Custom-built to meet specific business requirements

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