Rapid value in weeks or three months

A new ERP/CRM implementation often means long implementation cycles and unexpected delays resulting in cost escalations and other unforeseeable risks.

Implementing a new ERP/ CRM solution can result in the following risks and challenges:

  • High costs of software licenses and implementation
  • Chances of misconfiguration and implementation failure, especially with business-specific customizations
  • Delayed ROI due to lengthy implementation timelines
  • Lack of post go-live support leaving in-house teams scrambling for answers

What businesses need is a Microsoft implementation partner with sufficient experience to mitigate these challenges with a proven methodology that has been refined with real-world application.

sa.go! delivers in weeks, not months

sa.go! is’s business-ready bundle of SaaS products and services that helps your business adopt a future-proof cloud platform, powered by the Microsoft cloud. sa.go! provides rapid value through a proven architecture, defined end-to-end tested processes, ready-to-use data models and report packs, advisory hours, and managed services. All this packaged in an easy-to-consume, per-user per-month subscription price model which helps you scale your systems as your business grows.

sa.go! provides rapid value across the business – transforming and connecting your sales and marketing, operations, finance, and human resources, and giving you complete visibility – all this in weeks or three months.

sa.go! delivers accelerated ERP/CRM implementation and faster time to value

Why use sa.go!

Realize faster transformation and time to value across the organization
sa.go! delivers business-ready solutions across the entire value chain of your organization – business development, project delivery, talent management, and finance – to speed up time to value from the Microsoft Cloud.
Scale your business development
Connect your sales and marketing with a ready-for-use sales and marketing business app that is tailored to your business.
Attract the right talent
The customized, ready-for-use talent business app connects your Human Resources functions to deliver agility and efficiency.
Streamline your project delivery
Get a ready-for-use project delivery business app, customized to your business, to help you transform your project operations.
Improve your business profitability
With sa.go! you get a ready-for-use finance business app that is suited for your business, to connect and transform your finance function.

What you get with sa.go!

sa.go! aims to reduce service costs, deliver quicker time to value, reduce project risk, and help businesses become more competitive. With sa.go! you get:

  • Accelerated implementation: A pre-configured solution that gives your consultants more time to focus on customizations and unique business needs, and deliver more value in other strategic areas.
  • Defined project process with’s ACCelerate methodology that offers industry-leading best practices, predefined business processes, and the Azure DevOps framework.
  • Proven best practices in data migration, hypercare, and issue and task management.
  • Automated testing of key business scenarios, complex features, system integration testing, and data task automation.
  • Risk mitigation, both short term risks during project delivery and long term, post go-live risks mitigation with continued support for sustainability.
  • Interactive dashboards for complete visibility of customizations that are tagged to particular user stories.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance of the system with Managed Services that is offered at a predictable monthly subscription-based model with no upfront investments needed.

This new approach helps businesses transition efficiently as they move to the cloud and is in line with the next generation of tools and methodologies that are miles ahead of the traditional “pre-configured accelerators” that have worked in the past for legacy, on-premises ERP/CRM systems.

Want to know more about sa.go! and how it can deliver a smooth implementation for your business?


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