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Clean Energy fuels productivity and financial gains with a connected cloud system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions

Read time : 12 min

Clean Energy Fuels is the largest provider of clean, renewable natural gas for transportation in the United States. The company is on a mission to make the world greener by replacing dirty diesel and gasoline with a carbon-negative fuel derived from organic waste. To support this ambitious goal and drive operational efficiency across its vast network of fueling stations, Clean Energy turned to Microsoft's cloud-based solutions.

By implementing Dynamics 365 for Finance, Supply Chain, Sales, and Field Service operations - along with Azure IoT, Power BI, and mixed reality tools like Remote Assist and HoloLens - Clean Energy has realized impressive gains. The integrated Microsoft stack enabled major cost savings, enhanced productivity through seamless data access, reduced training expenses by 85%, and improved resiliency by eliminating 50 servers. With predictive analytics on the horizon, Clean Energy believes it can take its sustainability mission to even greater heights by continuously optimizing with the power of Microsoft's cutting-edge solutions.