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Say goodbye to long traditional implementation timelines with sa.go!

Read time : 8.2 min

Are you tired of slow and expensive CRM, ERP, and HCM implementations? sa.go! is the answer. Our rapid implementation bundle gets you up and running on a pre-configured Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution in just 6 months. sa.go! delivers industry-specific features and functionalities designed to accelerate your project-based business, all at a predictable price.

Here are 3 key takeaways you can get from this resource. Learn how sa.go! has/enables:

  • Faster time to value: sa.go! eliminates lengthy implementation times by offering a pre-configured solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Industry-specific features: sa.go! has built-in features and functionalities designed to streamline your specific industry (legal, accounting, homebuilding, IT services, architecture, engineering etc.).
  • Predictable pricing: sa.go! eliminates the need for guesswork with a fixed-scope project and per-user pricing.