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9-steps to build a winning data & analytics strategy

Read time : 6 min

A successful Data and Analytics (D&A) strategy is not a one-time project but an ongoing process requiring continuous evaluation and adaptation. The article highlights the importance of starting small, focusing on high-impact projects, and demonstrating the value of Data and Analytics to secure further buy-in and resources.

This read will shed light on:

  • Strategic blueprint construction: Understand the meticulous process required to design a robust Data & Analytics (D&A) strategy, emphasizing the importance of aligning with organizational goals and vision from the outset.
  • Stakeholder focus and engagement: Recognize the significance of identifying key stakeholders and prioritizing their involvement in D&A initiatives, maximizing impact, and fostering organizational buy-in.
  • Actionable implementation: Learn how to translate a broad vision into actionable initiatives, establish clear measures of success, and secure necessary funding to ensure effective execution of the D&A strategy.