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Navigating the crossroads: AX to Dynamics 365 cloud transition

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Is your organization at the crossroads, contemplating the shift from your current AX solution to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (F&O) in the cloud? Making this decision entails an understanding of the economic implications of your existing AX solution and a comprehensive comparison with the dynamics of a cloud-based Dynamics 365 environment. Drawing on our extensive experience collaborating with numerous organizations, we consistently observe the economic impact in three pivotal areas:

  • Total Cost of Ownership
    Evaluate the holistic cost landscape to make an informed decision on transitioning to Dynamics 365 in the cloud.
  • Business performance improvement
    Understand how Dynamics 365 in the cloud can catalyze improvements in your organization's overall business performance.
  • Accelerated time-to-value
    Explore the potential for expedited value realization by embracing Dynamics 365, ensuring a swift and effective transition.

Delve into these economic considerations that can shape your decision-making process in this flyer.