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AI at work is here. Now comes the hard part

Read time : 55.8 min

AI in the workplace has become a reality in 2024, with generative AI usage nearly doubling in the last six months. 75% of global knowledge workers are now using AI, often bringing their own solutions to manage the increasing pace and volume of work. Despite AI being recognized as a business imperative, many organizations lack a comprehensive plan to integrate AI effectively, leading to inertia driven by the pressure for immediate ROI.

The transition from AI experimentation to business transformation is crucial. Successful AI adoption will lead to business growth, cost management, and enhanced customer value. Concurrently, AI will significantly impact the labor market, with a talent shortage for key roles and a shift in employee career expectations.

Here are the key learnings you can expect from this report:

  • Discover why employees are taking AI adoption into their own hands and how this is transforming workplaces.
  • Learn how AI is raising performance standards, while also shattering career ceilings.
  • Understand the rise of AI power users and what their expertise reveals about the future of work.