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Our six practices

Ensuring your success across the value chain of the Microsoft business cloud

At, we believe what sets us apart from other service providers is that we don’t just provide a service, we become a trusted, long-term partner in your business. We pride ourselves in our ability to understand your unique business needs and translate them into effective solutions that are easy to adopt. We are a Microsoft partner with over 30 years of experience with a team of passionate consultants who are dedicated to delivering value to our clients.

Through our six core Practices, we help you realize the full potential of the Microsoft business Cloud and ensure your success, whether it is your ownership lifecycle or your business transformation journey.


Envision. Plan. Achieve.

Arrive at a transformation roadmap through highly immersive and participative workshops designed to translate your vision into your organizational reality with the help of our technical and functional consultants.


Powering up Your Business

We translate your expectations into technology-led solutions by leveraging the Microsoft Cloud platform. We bring our expertise in executing global rollouts and projects across 80 countries. Our Foundation Practice provides the sound footing to unify your data, processes, and people. Microsoft products are central to the Practice. Additionally, we offer a wide range of solutions built specifically for project-based businesses.

Managed Services

Stabilize, Safeguard. Improve

Our Managed Services Practice goes beyond break-fix support and offers a proactive safety net that enhances end-user satisfaction. It stabilizes operations and drives continuous improvements in your Microsoft business application ecosystem throughout the enterprise system lifecycle. While you focus on your core business, our experts maximize value realization in alignment with your goals.


Get data to work for you, with you

What good is data if it does not empower you to drive innovation and growth? Our Insights Practice gets your data to work for you, with you. We help you move from data to decisions with actionable insights and scenario modeling powered by predictive analytics. We connect data from across your ecosystem for a single version of the truth, so that you can move from hindsight to foresight.


Create a Frictionless Business

The Collaboration Practice enables a seamless flow of information between people and systems within and outside your organization while retaining security and control. We achieve this by leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform, the underlying Azure platform, and the familiar industry-leading productivity apps like Microsoft Teams, Word, Outlook, etc. The result is a cohesive environment that empowers your people to work from anywhere with easy access to data.


Build a Resilient Cloud World

The need for free flow of data, data security, multiple legal entities, global presence, cyber threat, changing regulations, tax laws, etc., naturally raise security and compliance concerns. Our Resilience Practice does not allow these factors to impede your business growth. In addition to our expertise, you also benefit from Microsoft’s planned spending of $20 billion on security alone.

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