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Advisory solutions developed exclusively for service and project based firms

Give senior teams the confidence to make the best business decisions with a host of advice and support before, during, and after launch.

Advisory solutions for project based businesses

Designed with value in mind


Finding the perfect solution for you

Before the migration begins, confers with your business leaders to determine the best solution and the perfect migration method. This ensures a smooth transition for every team member. Support is offered every step of the way to keep your business running optimally throughout the migration.


Method without madness

Microsoft migration experts manage the entire transition from on-premises to a cloud-based solution. gives businesses a comprehensive view of how the process will look and what to expect afterward. This helps prepare teams for launch and ensure maximum adoption. Designed with value in mind, businesses can increase their efficiency without any of the usual migration stress.


Rest assured

After launch, managers can work confidently to impact their teams, businesses, and work processes positively. provides workshops and assessments to ensure organizations use their solution the best way possible. This, coupled with 24/7/365 support, ensures that everyone using evergreen and empower are maximizing their business' efficiency.

“Since had the prior experience in rolling out the Microsoft Dynamics platform, they were capable of assessing the challenges that actually occurs in this kind of project and help us and guide us through these challenges.”

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Everything you'll ever need

From supporting businesses in choosing the perfect solution to launch day and beyond, sa.go! offers organizations everything they need to increase efficiency and more in one complete package. Paid monthly and on a per-user basis, sa.go! is infinitely scalable and entirely flexible to suit any business’s unique needs and size. advisory practice with sa.go!