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Manage order to cash with evergreen Proserv

Purpose-built for project-based businesses on Microsoft Cloud

Manage people, projects, skills, and time with evergreen Proserv

evergreen Proserv is a purpose-built solution for project-based organizations like yours to help you manage and optimize activities across the project lifecycle. Built on Microsoft Cloud, evergreen Proserv brings together the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations and Dynamics 365 Finance to offer you a complete view across sales pipelines, projects, resource availability, skillsets, billing and invoicing, time and expense tracking, as well as revenue recognition and reporting.

Streamline project execution with evergreen Proserv

project execution
evergreen Proserv drives efficiency and profitability across the project lifecycle.

One version of the truth across projects and financials

evergreen Proserv integrates your financial and project management systems allowing both the teams to view the same data in the context of their requirements. Common data is shared between the two teams; this means that any changes made by the project management team are reflected in the data viewed by the financial team and vice versa. 

The result is accurate, consistent, and reliable information, fostering collaboration, transparency, informed decision-making, and successful project outcomes.

From project initiation to closure: Key features of evergreen

evergreen Proserv helps with efficient project planning, effective monitoring, and streamlined project execution, ensuring successful project outcomes.

Unlock the business benefits of evergreen Proserv

Extend the capabilities of evergreen HCM
with empower


empower is our suite of productivity solutions specifically crafted for project-based businesses, helping extend the capabilities of the evergreen platform.

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