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Boost your potential as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) with our services

Lower your bottom-line. Extend your reach. Elevate your reputation.

With over 30 years of experience as an exclusive Microsoft Partner, we understand the unique needs and challenges that Value Added Resellers like you face in today’s competitive market and your need to scale your business. By partnering with us, you gain access to a wide range of benefits that empower you to thrive and succeed without losing control of your projects where you remain the face of your business while we discreetly deliver value on your behalf.

Amplify your capabilities with by your side

Requirement gathering

Streamline requirement gathering with our expert functional and technical consultants. Benefit from our business process analysis, efficient requirements gathering techniques, and end-to-end functional specification design process. Showcase your expertise to clients and easily scale up your capabilities.


Leverage our expertise in Microsoft methodologies and best practices for faster time-to-market. Our mature application development and management process ensures efficient product delivery.


Benefit from our proactive support approach that surpasses traditional break-fix solutions. Strengthen relationships with your clients through our preemptive approach that includes Dynamic 365 upgrades, business continuity, and 24/7/365 availability through our strategically located Global Service Centers.


Cater to a global clientele by providing country-specific localized services. Set up systems in countries anywhere in the world and ensure global support for your clients by leveraging our presence in 25 countries across the globe. Our repeatable processes – a result of our global experience – make it easy to address localization issues such as taxation, multi-currency transactions, regulatory compliance and so on.


Unleash your in-house teams for business development and customer focus. Trust us for quality work and timely project delivery to safeguard your reputation. With expertise in upgrades to any version, our streamlined testing and documentation processes ensure smooth project completion. Our certified professionals cater to diverse upgrade service requirements and customizations.


Leverage our expertise in end-to-end testing processes while you drive business growth. We handle all your client testing needs, including business scenarios, application integration, upgrade testing, security testing, and regression testing. We ensure that new features and functionalities do not disrupt your clients' operations.


Rely on our expertise in documentation support for Microsoft Dynamics products. From features and localization to user assistance and training manuals, our certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 professionals excel in technical writing. Deliver Microsoft-standard services to your clients.

How VARs like you benefit from our services

Benefit of Microsoft Dynamics Value Added Reseller (VAR)