Advanced SOP/GL Defaulter

Reduce errors with full automation of SOP transaction coding

What is Advanced SOP/GL Defaulter

Advanced SOP/GL Defaulter is a Dexterity-based application from that allows you to automate the coding of SOP (Sales Order Processing) transactions such as sales, cost of sales, and inventory accounts, with zero coding efforts.

How does this enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP

While standard Microsoft Dynamics GP allows posting accounts for SOP transactions to be derived from either the posting setup, item, or customer card, our enhancement solution allows you to define where each segment of the GL account comes from – whether from the item, customer, customer class, item class, salesperson, or even "specified" against each SOP Invoice ID/Type, including returns.

Prominent features

  • Easy to implement, intergrate, and available for both on-premise and SaaS versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Coding automation within SOP transactions including invoices and returns
  • Ability to create defaults for each SOP type ID including returns
  • Maximum flexibility for coding requirements in different business situations (for example, drop-ship sales orders)
  • Ability to define the origin of each segment of account
  • Setup default GL account codes for inventory and cost of goods sold
  • Integrate SOP transactions imported from Integration Manager and Business Portal

How do you benefit

  • Enhance productivity with reduced manual coding efforts
  • Improved and hassle-free reporting with segment-based capabilities
  • Enhance analysis capabilities thanks to detailed reporting within GL
  • Reduce errors with full automation of SOP transaction coding
  • Better support to improve regulatory compliance
  • Streamline GL reporting within SOP
  • Reduce administrative burden on sales entry staff thanks to automated coding of sales, cost of sales, and inventory accounts


Microsoft Dynamics certified
This add-on has passed the rigorous VeriTest software solution testing for Microsoft Dynamics and is profiled in the Microsoft Partner Solution Profiler tool, signifying it has met Microsoft’s highest standards for partner-developed software.
Recognition from Dynamics World
The add-on has been recognised by Dynamics World (a leading Microsoft Dynamics online community with a network of more than 25,000 Microsoft Dynamics professionals) as one of the best available enhancements, based on ROI, ease of integration, after-sales service, immediate impact, and the time taken to deploy. is a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner with over 3 decades of experience. Bring efficiency to your processes with our industry-leading solutions.


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