Advanced Security Monitor

Gain full control of security access within Microsoft Dynamics GP

What is Advanced Security Monitor (ASM)’s Advanced Security Monitor/Reporter is a Microsoft Dynamics GP enhancement solution based on C# and .NET programming languages. It seamlessly integrates with the standard Microsoft Dynamics GP to monitor and analyze security within, by tracking security changes, comparing security settings, and sending e-mail alerts detailing the changes. Its agile nature helps
to compare settings by using Options, setting up Filters, and choosing Criteria.

How does this enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP

One of the shortcomings with in-built reports of standard Microsoft Dynamics GP is that they run into hundreds of pages and are very difficult to assimilate. This can be overcome with’s ASM whose powerful reporting capabilities enable
security profiles to be easily accessed by managers and auditors.


Prominent features

  • Easy to install and configure
  • Compatible with all GP versions
  • Tracks changes made to security profiles of all users
  • Snapshot facility to compare security states between any two dates
  • Security profiles comparison
  • Excel export capability
  • Exchange table to track and compare changes
  • Email alerts

How do you benefit

  • Improve compliance with stringent regulations
  • Full control of security access on Microsoft Dynamics GP is a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner with over 3 decades of experience. Bring efficiency to your processes with our industry-leading solutions.


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