Advanced Recurring Billing

Save time and costs with automation of contract billing

What is Advanced Recurring Billing (ARB)’s Advanced Recurring Billing is a Dexterity-based application that seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft Dynamics GP modules, particularly standard SOP functionality. This helps automate the billing of recurring, subscription, and membership-type contracts along with any ‘one-off’ or ad-hoc billing that might be a part of the contract, such as set-up fees. It is available for both on-premise and SaaS implementations of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

How does this enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP

The issue with the SOP tables in the standard Microsoft Dynamics GP is that they do not retain periodic data. While it holds the invoice date, it does not hold the period of charge. ARB helps you overcome these issues by keeping track of all changes and retaining historical data for all details of invoices generated for dates and periods associated. This is the primary reason why our clients insist on including ARB in their Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation.

Prominent features

  • Automatic deferring of contract revenues based on billing periods
  • Workflow process application to all contract stages
  • Provision of complete audit trail of changes
  • Reporting in multiple currencies
  • Export to Excel function
  • Improved time-based pricing functionality
  • Historical invoices reprinting
  • Re-pricing utility with indexing
  • Advanced Search using several criteria
  • Standard inventory price lists

How do you benefit

  • Save time and costs
  • Improve accuracy, control, and regulatory compliance
  • Reduce misuse of bills
  • Improve procedural security and managerial review
  • Enhance focus on correct pricing is a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner with over 3 decades of experience. Bring efficiency to your processes with our industry-leading solutions.


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