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The best QuickBooks alternative for your business

Migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in just 4 weeks

Starting from INR 4 lakhs

Outgrown QuickBooks and looking to upgrade?

We understand you are a growing business and QuickBooks is not delivering the value that your leaders need. You maybe dealing with frustrations around data accessibility, high occurrence of imbalances, manual data entry and re-entry, upgrades/maintenance, and the time taken to complete the financial close each month – challenges that organizations using QuickBooks resonate with.

With QuickBooks coming short on data accuracy/ accessibility and on efficient close processes, organizations are actively considering a switch to a scalable platform that is better suited for the future of the business.

Moreover, with QuickBooks exiting the Indian market, now is the perfect time to not just replace your accounting software, but upgrade to a unified Business Management ApplicationMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a robust technology platform that connects every facet of your business to cater to your evolving business needs.

Reasons to move to Dynamics 365 Business Central

Why move to Quickbooks from Dynamics 365 Business Central?

What Dynamics 365 Business Central delivers

Operational Flexibility

With our rapid implementation plans, you can now start with what you need and then scale as you grow. You can also extend the application to meet your unique business or industry-specific needs.

Actionable Insights

With Microsoft 365 and Power platform integrations, you can automate your workflows and improve collaboration. The actionable insights are delivered inside the productivity tools you use every day.

Optimal Performance

With built-in business intelligence and Power BI, you can now get real-time data visibility across departments to drive continuous process optimization and improve productivity and profitability.

“My day-to-day functions have become easier to manage, and I have a lot more visibility over what is happening within the company.”

– Joe Bagg, Senior Manager – Quality, Regulatory Affairs, and Logistics

Start your journey to Dynamics 365 Business Central

Start your journey to Dynamics 365 Business Central

When your business grows more complex, QuickBooks starts to fall behind. Read this eBook for the tell-tale signs that you need to upgrade QuickBooks for a faster, affordable solution to manage growth.

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QB to BC eBook

While evaluating a QuickBooks replacement, you want to move past basic accounting software. Discover best practices, checklists, and vendor evaluation scorecards to help you find the right solution in four key steps.

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