’s evergreen with project operations has what it takes to run your projects.

Professional Services firms using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Management and Accounting solutions can gain greater benefits by moving to Dynamics 365 Project Operations. The solution combines Project Service Automation (PSA), Project Management, Microsoft Project for web, and Accounting—blending in the project-specific functionalities much coveted by professional services firms.Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations users are already reporting:

  • Enhanced collaboration between cross-functional teams
  • Capability to win more deals
  • Accelerated project delivery
  • Empowered employees
  • Maximized profitability

By adding evergreen to Dynamics 365 Project Operations, Professional Services firms benefit from industry-specific functionalities—so you get a solution that works exactly how you want it to.

Benefits of adding evergreen to Dynamics 365 Project Operations

evergreen enables you to take maximum benefit from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations.

  • Simplify complex project management functions
    • Include forecast versions, resource planning enhancements, and WBS enhancements
    • Set milestones
    • Easily adjust large volumes of transactions for hours/rates/discounts
    • Redistribute revenue amongst product or service
    • Recognize costs and work completed by subcontractors
  • Enhance collaboration
    • Integrate with Microsoft Teams and view progress in a single window
    • Access timesheets on Microsoft Teams and customize their functionalities
    • Activate auto authorization
  • Help at your fingertips
    • Integrate chatbot to locate information
    • Access e-billing templates
  • One holistic view
    • Eliminate the need to switch across dashboards to locate information

Agility is not a choice anymore

Most Professional Services firms now see that their clients sit in the driving seat of projects. You desire complex commercial models linked to outcomes and expect instant responses and on-demand services—all of that at shrinking costs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations is built to address these project management woes. The solution ties all project operations functionalities together—plugging undesirable cost, collaboration, and resource leaks—so teams can leap forward faster in one cohesive motion adding more agility and leanness to their operations.

A bonanza from incremental improvements

Dynamics 365 Project Operations finetunes every level, role, milestone, and task activity of projects—eliminating the poor use of resources and gaps in collaboration— thereby generating incremental profits at the end. Users report immediate benefits and results from day one of installation.

Project Management Accounting vs Project Operations

Professional Services organizations have different collaboration needs. A regular solution that works fantastically for other industries may not work as well for them.

Eleven reasons why Dynamics 365 Project Operations is more beneficial than Project Management Accounting