Imagine the chaos. You are elbow-deep in a complex case, juggling deadlines and managing a mountain of documents scattered across different systems. Collaboration feels like a game of telephone – garbled information passed through multiple channels, leading to confusion and missed steps. Frustration mounts as you realize you have no real control over the outcome. You’re responsible for legal services delivery, and right now, peak efficiency feels like a distant dream.

This doesn’t have to be your reality. In today’s competitive legal landscape, staying ahead requires more than just brilliance. It demands a technological edge, a way to streamline operations, gain complete visibility, and power your team to collaborate seamlessly.

The need for tailored solutions has never been more pronounced, to manage complex cases as well as streamline operational efficiencies. This is where the partnership between Microsoft and shines, offering a comprehensive suite of legal tech solutions designed to propel law firms into the future.

The Microsoft Industry Cloud for law firms

Microsoft’s Industry Cloud for law firms is a game-changer, purpose-built to address the specific requirements of the legal profession. By leveraging the underlying cloud services and optimizing them for the most prevalent use cases within the legal industry, this cloud solution delivers unparalleled value.

97% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Microsoft Dynamics for their critical business applications infrastructure.

Benefits beyond boundaries

One of the standout advantages of the Microsoft Industry Cloud is its ability to foster faster adoption. By offering prebuilt and preconfigured cloud-based business solutions, law firms can hit the ground running, expediting time-to-value, and enabling early familiarity with the end product.

The composability aspect allows firms to pick and choose the components they require, ensuring a customized solution that aligns with their unique needs. What’s more, the low code/ no code solutions make the Industry Cloud extensible and customizable with ease. Extending the Industry Cloud with evergreen and empower

At, we leverage our years of experience working with law firms to further advance the industry cloud for law firms. Our solution, evergreen, is an end-to-end connected legal platform that serves as a processing engine for core functions like project management, time and billing, scheduling, and onboarding. Built on the Microsoft Cloud Platform, evergreen transcends traditional practice management solutions by seamlessly integrating with finance, billing, and CRM systems.’s empower suite of productivity solutions unlocks the power of data visibility, enabling anyone within the firm to access the right information at the right time. Comprehensive, real-time financial reporting, embedded analytics, and AI-driven insights empower law firms to drive agility and growth through informed decision-making.

Trust, security, and reliability: The Microsoft advantage

Partnering with Microsoft and offers law firms a holistic platform built on decades of industry-relevant experience. With a familiar user interface, unmatched size and scale, and a deep understanding of the legal environment’s complexities, this partnership ensures trust, security, and reliability are at the forefront of every solution.

Law firms can enjoy full visibility of their data, unifying siloed information from multiple systems into a single, unified approach without the need to replace existing underlying systems. This gives firms the power of data visibility, driving informed decision-making and streamlining operations.

Automation and efficiency: The path to success

By digitizing and automating manual processes, law firms can significantly reduce the time spent on data entry, enabling them to respond faster and better to changing client requirements and external demands. With automation and intelligence built into the Microsoft Power Platform, even non-IT staff can automate core processes, further freeing up time and resources for high-value tasks.

Transform faster with new data and AI capabilities

The breadth of Microsoft and’s solutions are enhanced with new generative AI capabilities to drive transformation. Law firms can bring AI right into the flow of work and improve productivity with Microsoft Copilot. AI can also be leveraged to create conversational AI assistants, analyze and search documents, schedule resources, and more.

Embracing the future with Microsoft and

In the ever-evolving legal landscape, partnering with industry leaders like Microsoft and is a strategic move that positions law firms for success. By leveraging the power of industry-tailored solutions, firms can streamline operations, enhance client experiences, and navigate the complexities of the legal profession with confidence. Embrace the future and unlock a competitive edge with this formidable partnership.