Should you postpone your AX upgrade to Dynamics 365? Are there any temporary fixes that can help? These are some of the questions businesses have while evaluating whether an upgrade right now is worth the effort.

After Microsoft ended mainstream and extended support for some of the older versions of Dynamics AX, some businesses chose a wait and watch approach… finding Microsoft Partners to support their systems and keep them running. While this can be a good short-term tactic, it can’t be a long-term strategy.

Continuing to use a legacy ERP system means that you will start to notice that the system is not functioning as efficiently as it used to. There are workflow delays and potential risks. The time to consider an upgrade is when you experience one or more of the following issues:

  • The size of the business has increased with processes becoming more complicated, making it difficult for the legacy ERP system to catch up
  • Increasing head count and remote collaboration is harder to manage
  • Multiple customizations, third-party integrations, and connections that have been added over the years are taking their toll on the efficiency of the system
  • New offices in different locations across the country and the globe are making it harder to keep track of activities and reporting
  • The number of support tickets has been steadily rising and there are increasing downtime risks, especially with the partner finding it hard to meet your support needs

Upgrading from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management: Is it worth it?

Upgrading to any new system involves an investment, both in terms money and time. These considerations often lead to businesses postponing the upgrade right up to the last minute. However, such delays actually increase the costs for the business.
Imagine a business that has migrated to the cloud early and is reaping the benefits of cost savings on both licenses and IT infrastructure maintenance. This business gets the added benefit of all the latest features and functionality of the new ERP along with productivity gains.

Compare that to a business that continues to use a legacy ERP system that is barely meeting the needs of a growing business along with the added risks that come with not having the official Microsoft mainstream support.

According to Forrester’s Total Economic Impact report on migrating from AX to Dynamics 365, you can expect to save up to 30% every year and get up to 50% productivity savings by moving to the cloud.


Forrester’s Total Economic Impact report

Download Forrester’s The Total Economic Impact of Migrating from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365 In The Cloud
In terms of the ROI of implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365.,Nucleus Research conducted a study and found that a $1 investment in the new Microsoft cloud solution can lead to an ROI of $16.97.


Download the Nucleus Research study Microsoft Dynamics 365 Delivers $16.97 For Every Dollar Spent
How long does an upgrade take?