In, when we talk about commitment as a core value, it is not just an expectation from the employees, but it is also the organization’s commitment TO its employees.

People do not work for companies. They work for people they can depend on and trust.

I am Michelle and I work as the sales operation manager at I love my job and feel motivated working here.

colleagues are like family

But life is not all song and dance. In 2016, when I had been working here for about six years, my brother died unexpectedly at the age of 45. This was a complete shock and I didn’t know how to cope with the situation. To compound it, my husband, a retired Army Officer, was away in Kuwait, working for a contractor (and the Gulf was still a hot spot).

It was a Saturday afternoon and I mailed my team about the incident. Immediately, I got responses asking me to take care and enquiring if I needed assistance. My team supported me through this hard time, without waiting for me to ask for help, so much so that it felt like family.

The people in this organization are very approachable and are always willing to take time off to help each other. At, you know you can always depend on the company for support. I say company because it is the employees that make the company. Agree?

As we celebrate completing over 30+ years as a company, we are publishing stories that have been part of tribal lore and served as an inspiration to everyone at These stories epitomize what it is that makes us who we are and ultimately has led to us being so successful at what we do.