Microsoft’s NAV ERP continues to be a dependable system, but there is a good reason why you should step up from the legacy solution and move to the more advanced cloud solution.

What is holding businesses back from upgrading are considerations like cost and concerns about the time and effort it takes to make a change. Is the upgrade worth it? That’s one of the questions business leaders have when they evaluate their current systems.

Why should you upgrade from NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Access your applications from anywhere and any device

A remote working option is going to be a necessary component for any business. You have to enable your team to work and collaborate remotely and also make sure that the managers and leaders are able to get real-time access to data no matter where they are.

Since Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is built for the cloud and has a web client access, your team will be able to access all the applications and data securely from anywhere and any device.

Better insights from financial data and reports

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central adds more flexibility in your financial reporting. The Excel integration and the custom dashboards you can create with Power BI lets you put the data you need at front and center, instead of having to navigate through different tabs to get the information you need. You can also make more informed decisions with the AI-powered reporting and forecasting.

Reduce cost on IT infrastructure

The biggest benefit of moving from an on-premise system to the cloud is that you no longer need the physical infrastructure of the on-premise system. IT infrastructure like servers and other hardware not only come with capital investments but also add to regular associated expenditure like license costs, maintenance, and the time and effort of IT personnel whose skills can be used elsewhere instead of resolving tickets.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud platform that eliminates the need for physical infrastructure. The cloud-based subscription model gives you a predictable cost that can help you manage your budgets more efficiently.

Access to latest version

If you are using an older version of NAV that is on-premise, then moving to the cloud will come with a range of benefits. Migrating to the cloud means that you will have access to the latest, more advanced features as and when they become available. The update process also takes place on the cloud with Microsoft releasing new versions every month.

Robust security

Cyber security is increasingly an important aspect of any and all data management. Your information is safe and secure in the cloud with Microsoft’s $1 billion a year investment in cyber security.

With its advanced security features that include automated tools and insights from experts, Microsoft is able to track over 8 trillion daily threat signals from products, services, and feeds from around the world. With new capabilities added every day, Microsoft is committed to ensuring that your data is kept secure in the cloud.

More features

A upgrade from NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central will give you access to new features such as cash flow forecasting and improved integration with other Microsoft offerings like Office 365, Azure, and more. You also get personalization options that include making changes to the menu, and you will see these personalization changes on any device you login from.

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