At, innovation stems from expertise. That explains our 100% focus on Microsoft Dynamics – a single-minded pursuit that allows us to excel in our commitment to the platform and be a partner that knows the business.

There are two ways for an organization to grow:

  • You grab a bigger slice of the pie from your competition.
  • You grow the pie through innovation in products and services.

At, we believe in option 2, For us, innovation stems from expertise. That explains our 100% focus on Microsoft Dynamics – a single-minded pursuit that allows us to excel in our commitment to the platform and be a partner that knows the business. Our expertise in Microsoft Dynamics has resulted in over 11 Partner of the Year Awards as well as our selection to the Microsoft Inner Circle over multiple years.

microsoft dynamics experts

We are also proud to have amidst us a Microsoft Most Valuable Person (MVP) – an award that recognizes technology expertise and deep knowledge on Microsoft products and services. MVPs make up a global community of over 4,000 technical experts and community leaders across 90 countries.

In this fire-side chat, we speak to our MVP – Dr Ludwig Reinhard, an expert on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Tell us about your journey to a Microsoft MVP award.

Becoming an ‘expert’ is not a destination that you reach in a short journey; it is a long and bumpy road. But the good news is that you are never alone on this road. Help is always given to those who ask for it. I have found this especially true in, which offers an environment that fosters the development of expertise within the ranks to ensure that our community is productive, innovative, and healthy.

What does the award entail?

Being an expert is only one part of it. The important part is loving what you do and sharing your passion for Microsoft products and services. This could be through blogs, videos, social media, speaking sessions, helping online communities, and more. I have been fortunate that has supported me and given opportunities to share my passion as well contribute to the Microsoft community.

What are the perks of being an MVP?

For starters, you get a chance to participate in Microsoft Product Group Sessions, where new features are presented, and feedback is given. You can test new features before they hit the market. You also get to take part in the annual Global MVP Summit. Apart from these, you get free software, MSCN subscriptions, exam vouchers, LinkedIn licences, etc. I look to leverage this advantage in my role at

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