Why do you think being dedicated is important? How often do you get rewarded for being dedicated to your work and your organization? Does being dedicated to your work affect your work-life balance, putting your family in the back seat?

Hi, I am Alan. I have been working with sa.global as an application consultant and project manager since March 2009. Considering the challenging nature of my job, and the intricacies present across every level (planning, procurement, and execution of a project), being dedicated becomes essential. It has helped me resolve several client management problems. And each time I do this efficiently, I am rewarded with a sense of pride and happiness.

For example, in 2019, I worked on a project for an important client that required me and the team to deliver our best. This was easier said than done as the on-site project was located in another city. My first thought was to move to the client’s site until the end of the project, but that would mean no time with the family. I wanted to try and maintain a good work-life balance, without affecting my work.

work life balance

Hence, I decided to stay at the client site during the weekdays and fly back home for the weekend. This helped me dedicate all my time and energy to the client project during weekdays and come back to spend time with my family on weekends. While the long flights did impact my health, the move helped me achieve a work-life balance.

In the end, we managed to ensure that the project went live successfully. Simultaneously, I also managed to keep my son happy by playing with him every weekend.

So yes, dedication is important – not just at work, but at home as well.

As we celebrate completing over 30+ years as a company, we are publishing stories that have been part of tribal lore and served as an inspiration to everyone at sa.global. These stories epitomize what it is that makes us who we are and ultimately has led to us being so successful at what we do.