has released crucial add-ins for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations and Finance and Operations to help professional services firms achieve greater agility and profitability. announces new capabilities to its professional services solution – evergreen. The new capabilities are specific to firms using Dynamics 365 Project Operations to manage projects. Professional services firms can leverage these new capabilities to generate and approve faster, more precise, and more accurate bills.

Easy, faster, flexible, and accurate billing

The new features eliminate process delays and bring in the much-desired on-time and milestone-aligned billing capabilities.

For Dynamics 365 Project Operations users

  • The unit billing feature helps in converting recorded hours into billable units before invoicing. This will allow companies using Project Operations to run projects where fixed prices for specific services such as meetings are used. Once created, unit billing will seamlessly integrate with evergreen on Dynamics 365 Finance using an automatic fee journal to keep the ledgers in sync with the project manager’s decision.
  • ebilling, Project Contract Integration, and Project Integration are other features that have been added to this functionality.

For Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations users

  • The billing approver feature aids in quick approvals and provides the ability for a person to be designated as the billing approver at a contract level. This role is also enabled in workflow so that invoices could be easily routed to them for approval.
  • The fixed price task is a unique feature that allows hour-based tasks and quantity-based tasks to be mixed together in a time and materials project. This gives users more flexibility in breaking down the composition of work, cost, and duration of each task or component.

These functionalities provide a firm footing to raise quick invoices for one-off tasks like due diligence, in the case of a legal firm. For all professional services firms, by recording the resource time against the line item, Project Managers can reconcile the bills according to the time spent, adding greater flexibility and accuracy to billing.

The latest release contains both, new features to the evergreen business platform as well as enhancements and consolidation of the existing functionalities. For example, in the January 2022 release, a new capability to invoice adjustments was added to enable users to edit the sales price on the hour lines within the invoice proposal, providing further flexibility in the invoicing processes. This feature has been further tweaked to make it better and this is available with the new release.’s focus on building functionalities on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations follows Microsoft’s February 2020 announcement to replace the project management application – Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation – to provide a modern and engaging tool for planning and managing projects/ resources. This feeds perfectly into’s product direction. The integration of Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Project Operations by evergreen will now allow users to benefit from common data within the platform to power decision-making around projects.