Growing Professional Services businesses that want to reach the next level by standardizing their workflows should consider implementing a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution.

It is easier to track upcoming projects, match resources, and track the billable hours when you have a small team. But, as you scale your Professional Services firm, there are risks of revenue leakage, low-utilization, mis-match in resource allocation and project needs, and more. You end up overservicing, struggle to deliver on the promised service quality, and face issues like invoice rejections.

A Professional Service Automation (PSA) solution can help you plan your projects, manage resources, monitor execution, and get detailed information about resource utilization, costs, and progress against timelines. You can get an aggregate view of how the business is performing as a whole, analyze the performance of each project, or get the drilled down information to individual asks.

Who uses Professional Services Automation?

Professional Services firms that have reached a stage in their growth where they want to use the learnings from past services executions to build repeatable processes that can help optimize cost, improve service delivery quality, and align hiring to meet specific needs will implement a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution.

As the business grows, the aim can also be about implementing larger projects while managing fewer clients. Businesses that are able to reach this stage tend to be more profitable and build deeper relationships with their clients as they do more business with them, which should help in crafting a long-term growth strategy.

A growing business should be in a position to forecast demand, hire and train the talent to meet that demand, and manage the workload efficiently. Since Professional Services is a people-centric business, this will also be the time when you need to start measuring employee satisfaction and start to put in place career paths and compensation structures.

Why use Professional Services Automation software?

A Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution can help you automate manual processes, gain visibility on projects, and build the structures you need to scale up the business efficiently. With a PSA solution, you will be able to:

  • Send more accurate quotes with full knowledge of effort spent and expected hours needed for each project
  • Monitor each project at a granular level right down to individual tasks to avoid overservicing and invoice rejection
  • Reduce redundancies in entering and managing client information among marketing, sales, and project teams and ensure smoother hand overs
  • Move beyond spread sheets for time tracking and project management with an automated system to manage the entire client lifecycle
  • Improve project planning with better visibility from sales to service delivery
  • Stay on top off multiple projects with alerts triggered for specific events that take show project deviations
  • Track the best performing projects, team members, and more to improve execution strategy across the business – the go-to Microsoft Partner for Professional Services firms is a full-stack Microsoft Partner with over 30+ years of industry experience and focused on transforming the way professional services firms do business by leveraging new technologies. The industries that we have worked with include AEC, Advertising and Marketing, IT and Management Consulting, Contract Research Organization, Legal, Accounting, and Other Project-Based Businesses.

By connecting Professional Services Automaton features like tracking time, project management, and resource allocation with the traditional ERP/CRM functionalities like Sales, Marketing, HR, and Finance, you will be able to break down silos and run a more connected business.

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