In a highly competitive market, businesses that can identify the right clients and build relationships will win. Dynamics NAV CRM modules can equip your teams with the tools to do just that.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, which has the primary function to help you attract and retain clients, but it does so much more. Dynamics NAV modules offer the comprehensive features that you need to run your sales and marketing teams efficiently. From managing contacts and running campaigns to getting visibility of the current health of the sales pipeline, you will find everything you need.

Marketing automation to win new business

Managing contacts is the first step in leveraging a CRM solution to win more business. In Dynamics NAV you have the Contact Card with details like name, phone number, and other business information that can help you and your team to segment and personalize all your marketing messaging.

When you are able to accurately segment the contacts and send tailored messages, you have a better chance of converting leads into opportunities. The segmentation can be based on different criteria like designation, industry group, or business type.

You can use the different segments in marketing campaigns. Each campaign can have multiple segments with customized messages,. and they are easy to create and manage.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Automation

How Dynamics NAV CRM modules help in contact management

Contact management is not just about creating a database of your prospects and clients. Dynamics NAV breaks down silos between sales and marketing and offers more functionality to build efficiencies by integrating different aspects of the business and creating smoother workflows.

With Dynamics NAV CRM, you can:

  • Sell to your client’s firm better by mapping people related to each contact
  • Customize your client list with profiling questions
  • Find and communicate with your prospects and clients better by synchronizing contacts with Outlook and Office 365

Manage sales pipelines efficiently

Dynamics NAV helps you manage the entire Sales Cycle and gives you visibility of the sales pipeline, that is much needed. Sales Cycles are different for each business and you can customize these to suit your unique business needs. You can also create different Sales Cycles for different businesses.

While setting up the Sales Cycle process, if there are certain steps that can be skipped based on the criteria of the workflow you have set up, NAV allows you to build that option in the system. You can also add a checklist of actions to perform at different stages of the cycle. And these are just some of the many options you have.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Professional Services firms

While traditional CRM solutions have been efficient in catering to the needs of manufacturing businesses, the needs of Professional Services firms are different. With Dynamics NAV, you will be able to leverage a solution that works for the processes of the service sector that is people-oriented rather than being product-oriented.

With Dynamics NAV you will be able to:

  • Manage your sales team, leads, and client interactions
  • Establish and track different sales cycles for different businesses or products/services
  • Divide your target market into different segments and plan tailored campaigns for each

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