Growing businesses are preparing for the future by implementing an ERP/CRM system, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been a top choice for many.

Businesses are choosing Microsoft Dynamics NAV for its ease of use, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. This makes the solution ideal for growing businesses.

Before selecting Dynamics NAV, you may want to evaluate its features and modules to make sure that it meets all your business needs. While each business has specific needs that can be achieved through customizations, there are some basic requirements that an ERP/CRM solution must meet.

Understanding the different modules available in the solution can be a good first step in your evaluation process.

Manage your finances

Financial management is at the core of any ERP solution. With Dynamics NAV, you will be able to create accounts, automate month-end reconciliations, and create budgets for different departments and projects. You will also be able to get a consolidated view of all finances to make sure all your projects are being delivered within budget.

Grow your business with the Sales and Marketing module

Growing a business requires you to build a healthy pipeline and that means ensuring that your sales team is equipped to win deals. With the sales and marketing module in Dynamics NAV, you can manage all the contact information of your clients and prospects, and create segmented marketing campaigns.

Lead your people with the Human Resources module

People are the biggest asset of a growing business. With Dynamics NAV, you can create detailed profiles of each employee with their contact details, qualifications, etc. You can also track absences and specific equipment given to different employees.

Do more with Dynamics NAV

There are many more modules in Dynamics NAV that you can leverage to build efficiencies in your business – from warehouse management and manufacturing to project management and supply chain management. These modules help streamline performance in the specific business areas.

Why you should consider Microsoft

Investing in a Microsoft solution means that you can be assured of a long-term relationship with a road map to keep your systems future ready. You will benefit from Microsoft’s continued investment in its products and you will have access to the latest features and functionality in the industry.

For instance, Dynamics NAV has evolved through various versions over the years and it is now available as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This is more than just a re-branding. You can now deploy cloud-native solutions and take advantage of the flexibility and cost savings the new solution offers.

Businesses that were using Dynamics NAV before have taken a step up and upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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