Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you transform your business from a region-specific or entity-specific organization into a truly global organization with a unified view of the business and a unified vision for the future.

The best way to improve the performance of the finance division, and consequently the business, it to make sure it is well connected. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, finance is connected to sales, service, inventory, and more. The solution helps you break down departmental silos and variations across countries to build a united business.

Accounts receivable

In the Accounts receivable module, you can view and manage all client payment details, including payment options, time to collection, and more.

The multi-business entities and multi-currency setup with separate currency for accounting and reporting helps you get a unified view of all the business entities in the currency of your choice, even though you have business entities transacting in local currencies. This will help decision makers like the CFO and CEO to gauge the financial health of the business.

Accounts payable

In the Accounts payable module, you can view and manage all vendor related transactions. Set custom criteria for different vendors or vendor group or categories such as limiting the maximum cost for specific purchases, different payment methods and schedules, and more.

Fixed assets

Keep track of all your fixed assets in this module. Use different techniques to ascertain the current value of the asset and choose the depreciation method that suits your business needs or follow the regulations in the country in which the asset is located. You can also view all documentation related to the asset, group assets together for easy tracking, and make accurate forecasts about the lifecycle of the asset.

General ledger

In the General ledger module, you will see an aggregated view of the key financial information of the business with the option to drill down to specific information about a particular transaction. The automation features in this module allow you to reduce time spent on number crunching and focus on gaining better insights for improved decision making.

International capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics AX supports multiple languages and currencies. Multi-national business can connect to a third-party websites to automatically set currency exchange rates. If you have a presence in countries that have different months for a fiscal year, you can configure this module in Microsoft Dynamics AX to consider the fiscal calendar as April to March or January to December.

Project management and accounting

Manage and track multiple projects to make sure they are running on schedule, on budget, and on the price points you have set. From a unified view, you will be able to identify projects that are at the risk of being delayed, allowing you to allocate the right time and resources to help the project stay on track.


View your available funds and create budgets. In this module, you can monitor your budgets, make changes, and check budget history. You can also create reports to make it easier to track budgets.

Cost accounting

Monitor and get insights about your fixed and variable cost. Keep a close watch on all the critical expenses and get a complete overview of all cost-related information. This module helps you maintain better control on all the costs of your business. You can also forecast cost efficiently.

Cash and bank management

In this module, you can maintain all the bank accounts and financial instruments of different legal entities of your business. The financial instruments include checks, deposit slips, etc.

Human resources

Managing employees and helping them become more productive will set your business up for future success. In the Human resources module, you can evaluate employee performance and take action wherever there are deficiencies.

Procurement and sourcing

Setup a streamlined purchasing policy and create standards that all business entities can adhere to. From this module, you can view details about vendors, the agreements that are in place, and more.

Product information management

Having an easily accessible depository of all product-related information is crucial to maintaining an efficient workflow. With this module, your team can get quick access to product information, associated images, details about product/service variations, and know about the location-related information for each product/service.

Service management

Manage client enquiries, orders, subscriptions, and agreements in this module. You can also create guidelines on resource allocation for each client visit, view how clients are being invoiced, and monitor the time it takes to respond to each client request.

Dynamics AX has reached the end of its lifecycle and businesses are now migrating to the cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Want to make your business future-ready?