While it’s true that most larger enterprises use MSPs of some sort, smaller organizations actually stand to benefit the most. Find out why MSPs are ideal for small- to mid-sized businesses.

It is common knowledge – and by far an accepted one – that a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can help improve the reliability, efficiency, scalability, security, and management of business-critical applications. They do this while ensuring that the costs come down and the customer IT team has more time to spend on strategic decision-making.

However, even today, many small- and mid-size companies are reluctant to engage with an MSP for several reasons, such as skepticism around actual ROI on Managed Services and how much costs can be saved thereof. Add to this a reluctance to outsource services to an ‘outsider’ that stems from the belief that this will result in a loss of control over IT operations. A previous ‘bad’ experience can also aggravate the hesitation to opt for Managed Services.

Another factor that leads to the above myth is the perceived ‘lack of need’ for Managed Services. Most small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB) believe that business-critical applications and their maintenance are better handled by internal teams with the right programs. Concerns that a transition will lead to considerable disruption also make most SMBs believe that Managed Services is ‘a luxury that only large organizations can afford.’

Size does not matter

However, small businesses require technology to function successfully and compete effectively, just like their larger counterparts. Small businesses can gain from time and money savings, scalability, security, and the deployment of the correct solutions, but may lack the resources to support that growth. MSPs are experts that can offer services customized to the unique needs of businesses and provide the flexibility of differentiated services models.

The right MSP does not differentiate based on size; instead, they listen to their customers to understand and appreciate their unique needs. Based on what they hear, they right-size services under operational support, coverage, service levels, and advisory in an easy-to-consume package. They help bundle the package relevant to the customers’ needs and counsel them on enhanced service offerings suitable for emerging scale and complexities. This allows organizations, irrespective of size, to scale and meet the demands of an increasingly complex business environment.

How sa.global helps

sa.global has meticulously crafted different Managed Services plans to cater to organizations of all sizes and needs. Our clients can choose plans depending on the stage of growth and scale of requirements. So, our plans meet you wherever you are in your transformation journey.

To help clients make the right choice, our consultants advise and guide them on the plans throughout the selection journey. Since we place immense value on the partnership journey and scalability, we render the same level of service to both our large and SMB clients. This helps us become the trusted partner for Managed Services to many clients during their transition from small, hyper-growth companies to large, stable organizations.

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