Finding the right implementation partner with the experience and expertise is not enough. Businesses have the option today to choose from vendors who go the extra mile and offer more.Microsoft Dynamics AX has been a dependable solution for enterprise businesses and for fast-growing mid-sized companies. If you are perusing through the list of Microsoft Dynamics AX ISV vendors, there are three aspects you have to consider before making a decision.

  • Do they have the relevant expertise to implement the solution quickly and safely?
  • Do they offer additional value to help streamline operations and extend the capabilities of Dynamics AX?
  • Do they own an IP that is relevant to your industry and unique business needs?


Find a Microsoft Partner who can do more

Implementing Dynamics AX is not enough. Most companies today have disparate systems that are spread across the globe, different business entities, or use different systems for different functions within the same business entity. What you need is a Microsoft Partner who knows how to make these systems talk to each other to ensure a smooth flow of data across different systems and streamline operations. By doing so, you give decision-makers a consolidated view of the business in real-time to help them spend less time trying to find the information and more time in gaining insights from the data. is a boutique global systems integrator. With over 30+ years of experience in the ERP domain and 100% focus on Microsoft solutions, we have been able to help businesses around the world to leverage technology and achieve their business goals. Why consider working with us? We have:

  • A presence in 25 countries across six continents
  • Implementation experience in more than 80 countries
  • 14 years of average consultant experience
  • Direct access to Microsoft engineering teams


Your Microsoft Dynamics AX ISV partner should offer speed

How long does a typical Dynamics AX implementation take? Depending on the complexity of the system, you are looking at timelines that can last for months or over a year in some cases. While most Microsoft Partners offer some form of a speedy implementation, you need to ask just how quickly can they deliver?

With’s rapid implementation toolkit – sa.go! you will see the implementation delivered in weeks which would otherwise have taken months.

How do we achieve these super-fast implementations? sa.go! was developed after learning from hundreds of implementations across the globe, and all these implementations are focused on Microsoft solutions. The toolkit comprises automated test scripts, industry-specific configurations, and more

Since sa.go! has everything pre-configured for each of the focus industries, all you need to do is plug in your data. With sa.go! you get 80 percent of the work pre-packaged and out-of-the-box. This will help the implementation team spend less time on the standard work and focus more on customizations and deriving more value from the system for your business.

A good implementation includes oversight at every stage

When do you find out that something is not working? If the only time you hear bad news is when the work is delayed beyond acceptable timelines or the issue is beyond the capacity of the team to handle, it’s too late

What makes an implementation project successful is the adoption of a proven methodology with a robust governance structure. The project should have bucketed stages that identify the tasks and people responsible. Your leadership team should have clear visibility on the progress of the work to identify potential bottlenecks and resolve issues before they become too big.’s ACCelerate methodology ensures a clearly defined structure and activities mapped for every stage.

ACCelerate methodology by

Having the right structure in place is just the first step. The implementation partner should be prepared for changes and aim for continuous improvement to incorporate any change. That is why has evolved sprint cycles to remain flexible to changes and respond to them efficiently.’s sprint cycles


Is your business ready for Microsoft Dynamics 365?

While Dynamics AX continues to be a popular ERP solution, businesses are taking the next step and becoming future-ready with Microsoft Dynamics 365. If you are looking for a more advanced solution that is cloud-based and offers more flexibility and scalability, then you can choose the latest solution from Microsoft and consider the additional aspects mentioned below.


Does your Microsoft Partner offer add-on functionality?

How do you manage customizations for your Dynamics 365 implementation? Is it necessary to make all these adjustments inside the ERP? Is there a better way?

While adding customizations to the ERP is necessary to incorporate the critical elements of the business process, all the unique aspects of your business need not be built into the system. Business applications can help you extend the capabilities of Dynamics 365 without burdening the core solution.

If you are looking to extend the capabilities of your Dynamics 365 ERP solution, you can consider’s empower applications – productivity apps that have been specifically designed for project-based businesses like AEC, Advertising and Marketing, Accounting, IT services, CROs, and Legal.’s empower suite of applications can help your team to do more with access to the right information faster, become more efficient with streamlined operations, and stay connected to the vital business data from anywhere and on any device.


Find a solution that fits your business needs without compromise evergreen

How do you get the best out of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution? By making it specific to your business needs and working with a partner who has enough experience in your industry.

evergreen is’s industry-specific solution catering to professional services firms like AEC, Advertising and Marketing, Accounting, Legal, IT Consulting, and CROs. It is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Azure.

What can you do with evergreen? It is the core engine of your transactional processes like project management, scheduling, time and billing, and onboarding. And, since it is built for your specific industry, you get a pre-configured system that is 90% out-of-the-box. That means your team will spend less time on the core setup and focus more on the business-specific needs and customizations while also finding areas where the system can deliver the maximum value.

Looking to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your business?