For project heads, having a single version of the truth with project automation tools not only enhances visibility but also builds better workflows, stronger accountability, transparency, and collaboration.

For Project Heads at an IT Services company, we understand that the endless blood, toil, tears, and sweat of months (and sometimes even years) culminate in celebration only when the client is over the moon with project delivery. Your joy knows no bounds when you know there were no casualties (read timeline and cost overrun) in the victory.

Then it occurs to you – you are now under pressure to repeat the success on the other projects under your aegis. We understand that the burden of this expectation can be overwhelming. We believe no two IT Services projects are similar given their intricacies and scale, just as all fingers are not the same. But when you curl the five fingers and bend them into your palm, you can pack a punch. Hence, if you can foster collaboration across your delivery team, you are one big step closer to success.

Likely, you may already be using a project management solution to collaborate with your geographically scattered team, assign tasks, and track their progress. In that case, we have a few questions for you: Is your project management solution keeping up with the latest tech developments in real-time? Is it leveraging new-age technologies to streamline critical project delivery practices? Is this project delivery solution also offering support for invoicing, resource planning, and business intelligence? Or are you managing these core project functions with a set of disparate solutions that do not communicate with your project management solution?

If your answer is a ‘yes’ or a ‘maybe’ to even one of those questions, we suggest you consider exploring an integrated Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution to make your life easy with end-to-end visibility and management of project delivery with modern tools and technologies.

How does a PSA solution help with optimized project delivery?

A PSA solution allows Project Heads to collaborate with clients in real-time. It also makes the necessary project-related data and metrics available to you, your team, and other internal stakeholders in real-time. The inbuilt time management systems and processes help you monitor cost and schedule overruns. While process automation enhances efficiencies as manual intervention is minimized, you have clear visibility into your people, processes, and Intellectual Property (IP) which helps you optimize their utilization. To protect your invaluable data, the PSA solution can configure role-based views too.

The possibilities are endless!

What are the characteristics of a new-age PSA solution?

As a project lead, we understand that your life is sandwiched between internal stakeholders and your delivery team to create a shared vision for project scope and objectives.

A new-age PSA solution such as’s evergreen + empower can help you achieve this purpose with its common secured data model and service, bringing together data across tools and applications to give you one version of the truth. With the evergreen + empower solution integrating core functions, data, logic, and processes, you get tailored and intelligent project management functionalities right at your fingertips.


The solution’s cloud capabilities will help you collaborate seamlessly and on the go with your team, no matter where they are working. With evergreen + empower’s persona-based business intelligence dashboard, you will have intuitive and actionable insights on your screen.’s team of experienced project management professionals built evergreen + empower – a 100% cloud-based PSA solution – to cater to IT Services companies and professionals like you that want to stay ahead of the curve and be future-ready.

To know more about how our next-gen, integrated PSA solution suite, powered by AI and predictive analytics, can boost your project execution and delivery, click here.