evergreen is transforming the way Professional Services firms manage projects and perform their day-to-day operations. It keeps your projects on time, on budget, and on task.

evergreen: what’s new and next

evergreen just got bigger and better by moving its underlying platform to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations from Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. The new solution enables Project Managers to take maximum advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations’ project-focused functionalities, and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations’ financial capabilities.

Why evergreen

Microsoft Dynamics buyers often assume that their job stops at the installation of Microsoft Dynamics 365. While that might seem logical, this ends up keeping them from taking the maximum advantage of the solution and proves expensive in the long run.

Imagine: You just settled your car’s financing and have it fueled up and perfectly tuned ready to go. You take a deep breath of satisfaction and kick off your long-awaited ride. It’s been months or probably years since you’ve felt this free.

Things start smooth—just as you planned. Slick and easy, you leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind disappearing in dust clouds. But somewhere along the way, you hear clicks and clunks that soon turn to rattles. You stop to check, calibrate, soothe, and cool off your dear car’s systems. Not the ideal experience. And then it dawns upon you. When was the last time you got its systems serviced; its parts greased? Barely a two-hour job and seemingly unessential, but it could have made your journey hassle-free.

evergreen from sa.global, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations is like adding grease to your car. It ensures you have a silk-smooth, friction-free ride with every part running in perfect harmony. You go far and you go fast with no maintenance stopovers—True peace of mind with your maximum focus on the journey while you enjoy your ride.

Benefits of evergreen on Dynamics 365 Project Operations

evergreen boosts the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations for Professional Services firms by calibrating its use for industry-specific needs and eliminating extra expenses.

Pay per user

Get the licenses you need

  • Get role-based views modelled on industry-specific user personas created specifically for professional services firms
  • Pay only for licenses that are essential for your business

Work smarter

Take faster, informed decisions

  • Eliminate information chaos
  • Connect key processes and apply intelligence to your consolidated data in a streamlined and unified, non-siloed way
  • See one version of the truth for quick actions and decision-making

Get more done in less time

Approve multiple line items in one go

  • Access the platform wherever you are – on your browser/device or whether you are offline/online
  • See information in real-time and approve
  • Connect with Microsoft Teams and other Power Apps for seamless collaboration and content sharing

Enhance productivity

Enjoy single view monitoring and assign tasks to resources

  • Eliminate the need to switch dashboards/screens
  • Manage time and expenses, resources, project finances, and more on a single platform
  • Match project requirements with team member availability and skillsets

Bill as you go

Create on-time, accurate estimates, and invoices

  • Choose from different billing options and save formatting time and effort
  • Track all the project activities including invoices, payments, and profitability by client and project
  • Build accurate service estimates to avoid cost overruns, project delays, low profitability, and negative client interactions.

Get greater project margins

Maximize profitability by optimizing operational costs

  • Correlate tasks with the project scope
  • Capture billable hours from a global workforce
  • Get real-time information on the financial health of the project

What evergreen users are saying

“What we liked about the new evergreen solution was that it was bringing a new dimension to our tool set… to take us far into the future than any other solution that we were looking at. The fact that evergreen is in the cloud meant we didn’t have to worry about the hardware that was sitting in the office. It is all in the cloud and easily accessible and effectively, always on.”
  • – Mabel Harvey, IT Director, Fieldfisher