The modern law firm is a connected one

As hybrid and remote working become more viable options, law firms need to go beyond standard practice management solutions (PMS). They need a platform that helps law firms become flexible enough to adapt to change. When data flows through business development, practice management, finance and people management systems, there is a single source of truth that all teams can base their decisions on. Without this connected firm-wide insights, it would be challenging to take quick decisions – and this had become a strong business imperative.

The problem is that most law firms struggle to keep up. Point solutions are used to solve specific pain points. However, these systems cause disconnect and disruption. Point solutions create data silos that slow productivity, resulting in poor adoption and posing a risk to security.

evergreen by delivers a scalable, completely composable solution that mitigates risk while propelling your law firm towards a more efficient and connected world of work. It helps you optimize the entire matter lifecycle, right from business development to client accounting.

Here, we break down what you should look for in an end-to-end solution and how a composable, cloud-based platform like evergreen is helping law firms modernize and move the needle for their business.

Success factor one: Aligning with your law firm’s ecosystem

Alignment is critical for any successful integrated legal solution. You want a system that powers and accounts for your firm’s processes, preferences, and your client’s demands.

If the solution doesn’t align with your technology stack, you start on the back foot with user adoption. When compiling your solution shortlist, consider which apps your team uses and how any new platform can integrate with them. With 99% of law firms using Outlook or Teams to communicate, that’s a great place to start. Then, it’s a question of how a solution adapts to new challenges without needing to be rebuilt or reconfigured.

evergreen is a composable solution that reduces the complexity of your IT infrastructure by unifying solutions on the Microsoft Cloud while aligning with your firm’s strategic transformation. Translation? Your teams can spend less time switching between applications and systems with solutions that meet them in the familiar Microsoft Teams interface.

Success factor two: Meeting the security needs of a global firm

Global law firms have a lot to juggle, from currencies to varied billing cycles to remote staff across different states, countries, or even continents. With fee earners and other legal professionals working from anywhere, including the office, home, and on the go, they need access to the files and systems they use to do their jobs.

evergreen mitigates the risk associated with remote access through its highly secure Microsoft infrastructure. Secure access from everywhere on earth means your team can work worldwide and seamlessly through Microsoft Teams.

Success factor three: Instant insights over dated data

Time is money in law firms, and your team needs instant access to important data as their day progresses and new challenges arise. If this information isn’t current or accurate, the insights are pointless.

A composable platform helps you create a rich database that is accessible anywhere, anytime. Informative, data-driven decisions are the ones that make the most impact on client outcomes and profitability, so your solution needs to create systems that cater to this crucial requirement.

evergreen keeps data connected and accessible at the touch of a button or through an assistant-based Teams message.

Success factor four: Leading the charge

Many platforms do the opposite of what we want them to. Instead of speeding up processes and optimizing your firm’s workflow, they can slow down your team’s ability to complete tasks and handle client matters. The best integrated solutions change alongside your business and apply cutting-edge innovative technologies like automation and AI.

When selecting a new legal solution, you need one that creates a secure system and provides the flexibility to change as per your business’s growing demands. You want to ensure the time required to transition to a new system is quick while keeping billing secure and optimized to new working models.

In an industry where tracked time is so important, evergreen ensures information is accurate and accessible for your billing teams. This ensures faster reporting times, easier billing practices, and a more reliable service model. Innovation is at the heart of this solution and evergreen is a direct beneficiary of all the incredible features that Microsoft releases.

Success factor five: Keeping it legal-centric

The ultimate barrier to entry for your team is when they have to spend time learning how to use the new systems. If your legal solution is too complicated or if the search function for your matter management system is based on another industry, you aren’t enabling your firm to thrive.

evergreen was built first as a solution that powers the management of business development, legal service delivery, people, and matters; it has then been adapted for other professional services. It is a grassroots legal solution and the only platform that is Microsoft true-cloud.

evergreen recognises that a composable legal solution should power your law firm to collaborate effectively, find and drill into crucial information, and manage workflows that are specific to the legal industry.

Make practice management in your law firm evergreen

evergreen is a composable cloud platform that caters to the changing needs of law firms, enabling you to manage people, matters, finance, and time. It is flexible enough to change alongside your firm without compromising on security. A fully scalable model, evergreen grows alongside your firm as fresh staff are onboarded and new services are offered. evergreen is built into the Microsoft Cloud and Dynamics 365 suite. When paired with empower – our suite of productivity apps specifically crafted for project-based businesses – legal firms get a potent solution that surfaces relevant information, optimizes workflows, and helps in pursuing new opportunities.

Leveraging the best of the Microsoft platform, evergreen automates matter management and seamlessly connects to your firm’s financial services. Plus, since the entire system is built within Microsoft, your team will know how to navigate it from day one.

Are you interested in seeing how evergreen can innovate your business and deliver the optimized practice management advantage you’ve been looking for? Get in touch today.