A winning, competitive approach is an incredibly effective inspiration in our quest for success. It makes us more analytical, motivates us to focus better, think more clearly, and be even more determined to win.

It is said, “If you don’t have a competitive attitude, you don’t eat.” Having a can-do and nothing-can-stop-us mindset helps us deliver superior value to our clients by fulfilling (and often exceeding) their expectations.

About a decade back, Microsoft approached us to help them handle their support-related backlogs in the EMEA region. While this was initially a short-term contract, we ended up not just swiftly addressing that backlog, but doing so with some fantastic CSAT scores. So, what started as a three-month contract with a five-member team, extended to more than nine years with a team of 75, supporting multiple geos.

So, what is it that worked right? Well, the secret to success in business is to exceed expectations. And that is precisely what we did. When we started working on this project, there was a backlog of over 3000 issues. These were sorted within the given timeline, prompting Microsoft to extend the contract.

competitive approach

Next, given that client satisfaction is the single most important metric for support, Microsoft upped the client satisfaction target to 80% for our service desk. Not to be daunted, we again exceeded expectations by achieving an index of 85% – a delight not just to the client, but also to the team at Microsoft. The reward: An opportunity to handle support for the North America region in addition to the EMEA region.

Throughout this journey with Microsoft, we have gone above and beyond what is expected to deliver operational excellence and client value. At each point, it was our knowledge and skill complemented by our competitive attitude that not only secured a good value for the business but also gained the trust of clients and the team at Microsoft.

As we celebrate completing over 30+ years as a company, we are publishing stories that have been part of tribal lore and served as an inspiration to everyone at sa.global. These stories epitomize what it is that makes us who we are and ultimately has led to us being so successful at what we do.