The evergreen for professional services and evergreen for legal solutions are now available in French and Chinese. The latest release also brings enhancements in payroll export and invoice processing.

Over the last few months, there has been an increasing curiosity about evergreen in the French and Chinese speaking regions of the world. To cater to this demand, we have worked with language experts to translate, bring in localization extensions, and make the evergreen solution available in French and Chinese.

Firms in the professional services industry – Management & Consulting, IT Services, legal, AEC, and accounting firms who operate in French and Chinese speaking regions can now leverage evergreen built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Project Operations to enhance efficiency across their project-based business.

evergreen legal

Enhancements to evergreen for Proserv and evergreen for legal

While the focus has been on evergreen HCM in the last few releases, we have brought in other enhancements to the evergreen for Proserv and evergreen for legal solutions too.

  • Ability to view most current resource costing This feature is beneficial for project and resource managers for project estimation and costing. When it comes to resource costing, there is a large amount of data available. With this feature in evergreen, project/ resource managers can add an ‘end date’ to view the active and latest resource costing (sales price) by hour list. Data can be sorted by role ID, project or matter, account, category, etc. for each resource allowing managers to accurately estimate project costs. While historical data is available, managers will only see information that is current and relevant. For example, if a resource’s price has increased earlier in the year, managers will only be able to see the current price. However, they can access history, if needed.
  • Export pending vendor invoices The standard Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations data entity for vendor invoice lines does not contain fields that are related to a project or matter. This enhancement includes the addition of the ‘project’ or ‘matter’ field to pending vendor invoices and exporting this data to Excel or pivot tables for analysis. This provides visibility into which project/ matter the pending invoice pertains to and helps in external reporting. Making extra details on pending invoices on the project/ matter available to the team helps improve and streamline accounting processes.

Payroll export for leavers

In the last release of evergreen HCM, we had the payroll export function enabled for new starters. In this 10.0.30 release, evergreen HCM extends this functionality for leavers (leaving employees). When an employee is terminated in the evergreen system (where firms maintain employee data), evergreen HCM exports the leave data and other leaver information to the third-party payroll system to perform the payroll processing function. This data is exported in specific templates, helping you save time and avoid manual entry/ re-entry of data in multiple systems.

In this release, the functionality enables payroll export and generates an electronic format for a large payroll provider, ADP. In the future, our team will work with other payroll providers to provide out-of-the-box templates for them too.

We have also included payroll export changes to include any changes in employee information – name, address, bank details, etc. – made within a certain date. This helps ensure that the most updated information is exported to the payroll system.

This is our last release for 2022, and we look forward to starting the new year with more exciting features for our solutions. Stay tuned!