Our clients are evolving. So is technology, and so is evergreen – our industry cloud solution for project-based businesses. Keeping an eye on our clients’ wants, we have added new features and functionalities to make your workday a lot easier and efficient. Over the last two months, we have had two releases of evergreen bringing new capabilities and a few enhancements.

Expense management just got easier!

Expense management is a way of enabling your employees to submit business expenses. You would want to have workflows that require little or no manual intervention, involve minimal data entry, and enable managers/ finance teams to process and reimburse these claims in a timely manner.

In Microsoft Dynamics 365, expense management requires every employee’s reporting expenses to be associated with a ‘vendor’. In standard Dynamics 365 Finance, a vendor has to be created manually for every employee and the link between the two is also established manually.

In evergreen, we have enabled the automatic creation of the ‘vendor’ and its link to the employee. The vendor is created using an employee’s name and other data configured from the employee’s shared information, and automatically the link between the vendor and employee is set-up. With this feature, the expense submission process can be completed in a single step, reducing the need for multiple clicks or to switch screens.

More change categories added to Payroll Export

Payroll Export allows users to export payroll data from evergreen to an external payroll provider using a template. With every release, we have been adding the capability to make changes in an employee’s personal data in payroll export. More categories of changes have been added, and the complete list of changes that can be extracted with payroll export includes change of name, title, address, bank details, working patterns, rates, roles, departments, reporting structure, and national identity number.

We have also introduced a self-service option for payroll bank accounts where an employee can configure multiple bank accounts and declare in which account he/she wants to receive compensation. For employers who wish to not avail this feature, there is an option to turn it off.

Diversity declaration

The diversity declaration feature, when launched last year, enabled the employee self-service option to share diversity information such as nationality, ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender, and disability. HR managers have the ability to define which fields should be available based on the country legislations.

With this release, HR managers can now view as well as edit/ modify the diversity declaration information for each employee. Note: The edit access is role-based; only managers will have the ability to edit/ modify while others in the HR team can only view the data.

Flexibility in setting up responsibility fields for a project/ matter

This enhancement allows you to configure the responsibility fields on a project/matter, at a contract and project level. The responsibility fields in evergreen for legal have names such as matter (instead of project) and titles such as matter partner/ matter fee earner (instead of project manager/ project controller) that are specific to the legal industry. These responsibility fields are currently mandatory for the legal solution, but optional for the evergreen for professional services offering.

Our new feature gives evergreen for legal users the flexibility to make the responsibility fields not mandatory rather than having a pre-configured set-up. Similarly, users of evergreen for professional services now have the option to make the responsibility fields mandatory as well. Thus, you can choose how you want to set up the responsibility fields for a project/ matter.

Track project budget spends

Use this feature to track how much money has been consumed on a specific project. In previous versions, it was possible to track only time transactions, expenses, and fees. This enhancement now allows you to control the budget not only by fees and time, but also by on-account transactions, giving you visibility into targets vs actuals. This is an important feature for fixed fee projects.

Simplified billing guide for efficient invoicing

The simplified billing guide is specific for law firms. It is an internal report for the matter manager/ billing manager/ matter fee earner providing all the lines of detail for an invoice. This enhancement reworks the billing guide set up so that users can more easily control the amount and type of detail visible in the document. You have configuration options to decide which sections of the report to hide/ display before invoicing the client.