LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a one-of-its-kind sales tool that helps in targeting the right buyers, understanding key insights, and engaging with personalized experiences.

But with technology evolving constantly, it becomes critical for businesses to use tools that increase efficiency, reduce costs, and save time.

By integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Microsoft aims at doing all this and more. It now allows businesses to utilize the features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator within multiple Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Power Apps, and Power BI.

Benefits of integrating Dynamics 365 with LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

Build sales relationships and networks by targeting the right clients: The LinkedIn network consists of more than 645 million professionals. This integration makes it easy for sellers to find and connect with the right set of decision makers and influencers. It also helps in understanding the best way to contact the potential client.

Gain relationship insights: LinkedIn provides recommendations on how your team can proceed with the deal, based on client interaction data from LinkedIn, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Office 365. Apart from this, you get to track buyers, understand their needs, and engage them with personalized content (based on their posts and participation in discussions). You can also track when PointDrive presentations have been forwarded to other people, to proactively identify potential clients.

Streamline the sales processes: With this integration, you can send InMail communication directly through Outlook, making the process hassle-free and less time consuming. This also provides automatic data synchronization across Sales Navigator, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, and Office 365, giving you the necessary information required to build your sales relationships.

And why LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration with Dynamics 365 is important?

A recent study has revealed that most sales teams spend about 65%* of their time in non-revenue generating activities. This integration helps reduce the time spent on non-revenue generating activities and enhances the efficiency of your sales team.

What’s more, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a single application to gather key information on individuals to enhance the sales process journey. It helps improve introductions, track interests, determine profiles that suit your target audience, and more. This engaging experience gives you greater focus on your leads in one location, with less distraction.

Utilizing these features allows you to work smarter. You can qualify leads quickly and more efficiently and have all the information at your fingertips in one place, within a single application.

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*Why Sales Reps Spend Less Than 36% Of Time Selling (And Less Than 18% In CRM), Forbes, January 2018