Looking for Dynamics CRM support? The right Microsoft Partner can help you run uninterrupted operations, improve performance, and cater to the needs of your growing client base.

A business can run at peak efficiency only when the software solutions are functioning smoothly and the team members are getting the support they need. Microsoft has been helping businesses around the world meet their business goals with ERP and CRM solutions that can help you transform the way you do business and add more value to your clients.

Microsoft has been named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Engagement Center. Microsoft has been investing in its solutions to help businesses stay competitive. In pursuit of this objective, new solutions have been released for you to take advantage of and upgrade to. But, if you are not yet ready to make that commitment, you can choose to get the support you need.

The time to choose a Microsoft Partner for support is now.

Don’t wait for Dynamics CRM support services to end

Dynamics CRM is reaching the end of its lifecycle. Mainstream support for 2013 and 2015 versions has ended. The extended support for 2013 ends on January, 9 2024 and for 2015 it ends on January 14, 2025.

What does this mean for your IT teams? They have to manage the day-to-day activities, ensure all the customizations and third-party integrations are working, fix issues that will slowly start to increase in number, and maintain data security. All this can get overwhelming even for the most experienced team. And chances are that you will find it difficult to get people with the relevant skill sets to perform all the tasks efficiently.

That is why most businesses are looking to partners to get support for their Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

Why work with a Microsoft Partner for support

Keeping pace with the rapidly evolving technologies while maintaining an unsupported software may be too much to ask of your IT team. When you work with a Microsoft Partner, you can be assured of peak performance of your Dynamics CRM solution while allowing your IT team to focus on value-add tasks that can make your business more competitive.

When you work with a Microsoft Partner for support, you get expert professionals who:

  • Have years of experiences in Microsoft solutions
  • Worked on third-party integrations and customizations
  • Know industry best practices

You will also get advisory support to help your team navigate the changing technology and competitive landscape. When you engage a partner right from the support stage, you will be in a better position to plan your upgrade and prepare your systems to move to the cloud.

Considering an upgrade? What Dynamics 365 offers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a modular solution that allows businesses to choose what they need with the option to add new components in the future. From a CRM perspective, you may be interested in the Sales, Marketing, and the Customer Service modules.

Dynamics 365 Marketing With Dynamics 365 Marketing you can elevate your client experiences with personalized journeys across all touch points.

With the changing ways in which people are consuming information, previous tactics of sending mass market marketing messages are no longer appealing to prospective clients. People prefer to consume information that talks directly to their problems and their business outcomes.

By using Dynamics 365 Marketing, you will be able to build deeper and stronger client relationships. With personalized messages to your clients, you can make them feel special and earn their loyalty along with their business.

Dynamics 365 Sales You can no longer force clients to engage with you on channels that are convenient to you. You need to connect with them on channels they prefer. With Dynamics 365 Sales, you can now connect your sales team with your clients in a way that they want to engage in.

Want your sales teams to be more client-centric? Dynamics 365 Sales actively monitors multiple signals and turns data into actionable insights, telling your sales team what the next best action can be in a particular situation and also help them prioritize accounts that have a higher chance of closing.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service When your clients search for information in your self-service portal, they want answers fast. The built-in AI-powered virtual agent in Dynamics 365 Customer Service can understand what kind of information your client is searching for and offer personalized assistance.

Most businesses have realized the value of moving to a native-cloud application and gain all the benefits that come with it, including the fact that you no longer need to invest in physical hardware like servers and manage their lifecycle anymore. Microsoft is also focusing all its energies on cloud solutions. So, while a Dynamics CRM support can be a short-term solution, you need to start planning for the eventual upgrade.