The latest release of evergreen HCM makes the HR function’s job easy, fast, and safe, with features for flexible work patterns, payroll export, changes in diversity declaration, and more.

Hybrid work has transformed the way we think about work. It is a big departure from the traditional work model. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all; it is flexible and supports a variety of different work schedules. It allows employees to choose how and where they work, giving them the autonomy to design their work week in a way that works both for them and with company policies.

Given the popularity of hybrid work, organizations require oversight, policies, and systems that adapt to this flexibility. The latest release of evergreen HCM steps in to address just that – to help businesses adapt to and manage changing working patterns.

For example, a full time equivalent (FTE) employee is contracted to work 30 hours over four days a week and another FTE is working 25 hours over three days. In spite of the differences in work hours/ days, both are FTEs and not part time equivalents. In most HR systems, this is a numeric editable field which has to be entered manually. evergreen HCM automates this process by calculating the FTE based on the work schedule rule and the actual working hours defined by the working pattern.

The FTE is calculated as:

Actual week work hours / Work schedule rule hours

Where: Actual week work hours = “Hours per week” calculated field in the “Working patterns” table

Work schedule rule hours = “Work schedule rule” in the “Payroll” table

With this feature, it becomes easier for organizations to adapt to flexible working patterns as the FTE calculation is now automated, and not dependent on manual entry. It also ensures fewer errors and gives the ability to accommodate and manage multiple FTE patterns that employees may opt for.

In future releases, evergreen HCM will provide the capability to automate compensation for part time equivalents.

Position updates on work patterns
Position updates on work patterns

Diversity declaration self-service - redesigned

In the earlier releases, evergreen HCM allowed employees to add their “diversity declaration” via the employee self-service. We have redesigned the diversity forms based on diversity and data protection measures prevalent in some countries that prohibit the collection of certain types of personal data like ethnicity, religion, etc.

In this release, the diversity declaration form gives HR teams the option to display or hide certain parameters for each country based on what data can be collected. It is as simple as a Yes/ No switch that can be turned on for each parameter!

Diversity declaration form
Diversity declaration form – Display/ hide parameters
Diversity declaration form – Display/ hide parameters

Payroll: Track changes in name, title, bank account, etc.

To alleviate the difficulties of managing payroll, the payroll export file should identify and export any changes to an employee’s bank accounts. However, most systems do not hold a validity period for employee bank accounts and other details such as title, name, job, and working patterns, which makes it complex to determine if there are any changes or if an employee’s bank account has changed and when this change came into effect.

With evergreen HCM, HR teams can identify changes in employee title, name, etc. as well as the bank account held by the employee which will be used for payroll and till when this bank account is valid. This makes the payroll process smoother and faster, and prevents any discrepancies or delays in payroll processing.

Currently, the functionality enables payroll export for the leading payroll solution – ADP.

South Africa Black Empowerment statistics

Responding to a request from a client in South Africa, we have added this localization functionality to provide Black Empowerment statistics.

The Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) is an integration program launched by the South African government. Businesses are awarded points which they can claim on a BBBEE certificate which entitles them to a greater chance of obtaining private or government contracts.

This localization feature in evergreen contains BBEEE fields which allow businesses to record BBBEE information. The BBEEE fields include:

  • BBBEE category
  • BBBEE certification date
  • 30% Black women-owned
  • Value added vendor
  • Black owned %
  • Black women owned %
  • Scorecard
  • BBBEE status %

Matter/Client inquiry – WIP and debt aging

This is an extra functionality currently available in evergreen for professional services and evergreen for legal. It allows the on-demand calculation of WIP and debt aging. This is particularly useful for fee earners, project managers, and finance teams to analyze a client/ matter by viewing WIP and determining how much a particular client owes over a period of time.