Considering an upgrade to the cloud? There are many reasons for migrating from AX, which was designed for an on-premise environment, to Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is a true cloud solution that comes with a range of benefits.

Letting go of a legacy ERP system and adopting a more modern solution will build efficiencies and prepare your business to take advantage of new opportunities. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers scalability, remote collaboration, and flexibility in payments where you can pay as you go. Are you asking yourself the question: What are the benefits of upgrading from AX to Dynamics 365? Then, read on.

Improvements over Dynamics AX

In many ways Dynamics 365 offers next-generation capabilities, and builds on the features of AX while offering the same core functionality to manage operations like finance, client management, HR, and more, which come with enhancements and a better user experience. Some of the many improvements you will find in Microsoft Dynamics 365 over Dynamics AX are:

  • Improved user interface while retaining the familiar and intuitive Dynamics environment
  • Access to unified data that breaks down the broad silos of ERP and CRM and provides all the information from a unified dashboard, eliminating the need to switch between different software to access specific information
  • Flexible, pay-as-you-go model to predict spends and manage budgets efficiently
  • Reduced customizations because of the in-built functionality improvements that make many customizations unnecessary
  • Easy to scale-up and scale-down the solution usage without incurring additional costs (in an on-premise system you will have to invest in IT infrastructure to cater to high demand, which will not be used in lean periods)

Advanced security

Microsoft invests about $1 billion in cloud security every year. By moving your ERP to the cloud, you will be able to unify security management, protect your systems from vulnerabilities and new threats, and be able to control and secure your data that is stored in the form of documents or shared with people outside the company via emails etc.

Anywhere, anytime, any device access

The importance of remote work is no longer a luxury; it has now become a business necessity. Having all your ERP solutions on-premise and working out ways to allow your team members to work remotely can cause too many bottlenecks and delays for your clients.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be accessed on any device from anywhere and at any time via the HTML5 browser-based login. With applications like Teams and custom Power Apps, which can be seamlessly integrated with Dynamics 365 in the cloud, your team will be able to collaborate efficiently even when they are working remotely.