The best places to work provide people with life satisfaction as opposed to job satisfaction alone. They offer holistic experiences to help employees maintain work-life balance and improve their mental and physical health.

Hi, I am Karin, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) consultant and a project manager here in I have been working as a consultant for 30 years now.

Now, if you are an ERP consultant, you would know what my work-life is like. Don’t get me wrong – I love my job! It is challenging and intellectual with great benefits, but it also involves delivering under an intense and high-pressure environment. We work with tight deadlines and are constantly stretching to meet the client’s requirements. In fact, a recent study* conducted by revealed that 77% of consultants work more than their contract hours. That is a lot of extra hours each week.

As a consultant, we are committed to delivering to our clients across the globe and work with teams based out of various locations to meet deadlines and exceed expectations. Which is why we often tend to feel burnt out and need time off to destress before getting back in the game. After 30 years of working, I had a similar issue sometime back, when I wanted to hit reset and get recharged. To my delight, was very supportive and helped me through this phase.

supportive workplace

I was stressed out and the doctor advised me to take a break. I told my supervisors that I needed to take some time off. I spent 12 weeks working on getting myself back into balance. was very supportive during these 12 weeks (which under the doctor’s orders got extended to 18 weeks) and ensured that I was fully recovered when I returned to work.

During this time, I never felt my job was in jeopardy. I talked to people regularly to check in. To me, this showed that the company appreciated my work and wanted me.

I joined after working on a part-time basis with a vendor. And my husband’s comment summarizes my work at

“Though you are now in a full-time job and work longer hours, there is more of you left.”


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