Being a junior consultant is not as easy as it seems. As a fresh hire, you are expected to understand the business, the processes, and at the same time, work on the projects assigned to you. It is this phase that shapes your career.

But how many organizations deal with this scenario in the pragmatic manner that it demands?

pragmatic approach to problem solving

Hi, I am Andjela. I currently work as a Functional Consultant. But when I started my role at, I was a Junior Consultant. I was a part of a client project and I found it complicated and stressful. Some of my teammates and I had issues understanding how and why there is no standard solution when it comes to delivering a customized business process – what does one do? A lot of knowledge was available on Share Point, Microsoft Learning Portals, and other sources but it was not enough to understand and gauge out a suitable solution.

When our senior consultants heard our plight, they were certain of one thing – dumping learning material on us or enrolling us for training sessions would not solve the problem. They did not want to train us on how to use a software, but on how we should think out-of-the-box, especially when it came to customized solutions – after all THAT is what being a consultant means – understanding how to apply the product to a solve a business issue and not force a business issue into a product.

They organized weekly sessions that covered a specific area of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. Every senior member of our team got a chance to present examples of challenges that he/she experienced and how they resolved those problems. We even got a chance to hear and understand the issues that other teams faced, thereby helping us get the bigger picture. That was how we had the opportunity to learn from real-life examples. It taught us how to think and analyze the situation before applying our technical knowledge to solve the issue.

This type of knowledge-sharing made our learning more effective and helped us work on our projects. Had our seniors not gone through the effort of organizing these sessions for us, I do not think many of us juniors would be as successful at our work as we are today.

This is just one of the many times we as a team and organization have taken a sensible and methodical approach to a chaotic/ unprecedented situation.

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