A warm, friendly, and candid workplace culture does not happen by chance. Nor can it be forced. But it can make all the difference to an employee.

For some organizations, culture is top-down, rarely reaching all employees; sa.global’s culture is inclusive, company-wide, and reaches all based on the simple tenet that everyone’s voice gets heard, no matter what. This principle ensures that no one is made to feel that they should not speak out or ask or suggest or advise.

My name is Kathleen and I have been with sa.global for two years. My journey with sa.global started when I met a senior member of the team on an airplane. It was a cordial conversation. A year later, I was a part of the company.

When I joined the team, I was not conversant with the product. I did not know where to start and the first week was a little frustrating. But the team took me under its wings and patiently steered me in the right direction. As I became more familiar with the product and processes, I was encouraged to learn more and was excited to be an asset to the team. At the same time, I was pushed to raise the bar.

friendly work cultureWhen I had questions, there was always a helping hand; even the senior management was approachable and willing to take time out to guide me. That kind of support and mentorship is inspiring and refreshing; it encourages people to work harder, accept more challenges, and build better relationships with team members and clients.

The main differentiator for me has been the openness with which people communicate in this organization. Irrespective of the size of the implementation project, information is shared freely so that we are all on the same page; no one works in silos. My team members have always been supportive of each other, on a personal and professional level. We leverage each other’s skill sets so we can provide more value to our clients.

This friendly environment at sa.global encourages me to take on new challenges. I am confident and comfortable learning new skills and taking on more responsibility. I am committed to doing my part to help sa.global maintain a culture of friendliness.

As we celebrate completing over 30+ years as a company, we are publishing stories that have been part of tribal lore and served as an inspiration to everyone at sa.global. These stories epitomize what it is that makes us who we are and ultimately has led to us being so successful at what we do.