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As a lawyer, you juggle roles to bring in new business, manage your work effectively, and make important decisions for the smooth running of the practice.

evergreen and empower are focused on making your job easy:
evergreen and empower offer an intuitive experience for lawyers

Easy to use

The empower suite’s time application (Time App) enables easy and intuitive time capture from a mobile device or browser. While this limits the need for additional training, it also makes it easy to record time while you switch devices.

Embedded where you work

By deploying evergreen and empower within Microsoft Teams, the solution is embedded where YOU work and spend most of your time – with your peers and your clients. This means you do not have to change screens to execute tasks, thereby increasing your productivity and focus.

Native collaboration

By working directly in Teams, you can easily and quickly collaborate with internal team members or with external clients on important documents or metrics.

Legal Assistant

We understand you can be overwhelmed by the amount of work involved in running a practice. So why not have a virtual assistant so that you can focus on billable work and improve your law firm’s productivity?

With this solution, you get a legal assistant – the latest in bot technology – embedded into the tool and designed to help you get more done. The legal assistant manages both reactive work (like help you find an invoice or bill time) or proactive tasks (like monitoring key items – an unpaid invoice, a client past due on an invoice, missing time, etc).

evergreen Hub

Get access to a unique, focused lawyer persona interface designed to maximize your day with proactive actionable insights essential to run your practice.


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