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evergreen and empower provide a next-generation true cloud platform that enable you to take your firm to the next level. While many of our competitors provide ‘cut down’ versions of their on-prem solutions in a hosted mode and call them cloud, evergreen and empower are a family of native cloud applications built from the ground up to leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure, and the entire Microsoft Platform.

You could think of them as two connected families of applications. evergreen is the core legal platform with everything that you expect from a global practice management and finance solution while empower is a powerful yet intuitive set of front-end applications and tools that empower your firm, your sales, and your people. And because it is all based on and integrated with the familiar office productivity tools that you are using already, adoption is fast and easy.

The next-generation cloud solutions for law firms

Flexible deployment

evergreen and empower are designed to either work seamlessly together or on their own. But we understand that many firms have a complex solutions landscape and that it is rarely possible or advisable to replace many solutions at a time. But the great news is that with evergreen and empower, we “meet you where you are”; whatever your firm's current solution landscape is, you can deploy the evergreen and empower solutions.

We give you the complete flexibility to deploy the solutions independently from each other, fully integrated, or even integrated to your current finance, billing, or CRM solutions. This can be achieved either using the standard adapters to well-known industry solutions such as Elite and Aderant or through leveraging the extensible adapters from as well as the rich integration tools provided by Microsoft.

The evergreen + empower advantage

evergreen-empower advantage: Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365
“The robustness of Microsoft Dynamics gives us the confidence that the system is going to be available at all times. It frees up the technical staff to not having to maintain the system, as much as perhaps the on-prem solutions. The resilience, backups, and disaster recovery plan is already covered.”
evergreen-empower advantage: A true cloud solution
“The cloud-based system (evergreen) harnesses Microsoft Dynamics 365 capabilities, and that means that imagination is almost the limiting factor – it can potentially do so much.”
evergreen-empower advantage: Built around design principles
“We want our systems to deliver information before users even know they need it. Thankfully, with the customizable interface that we have with Microsoft Dynamics, we are able to do that. It is very easy to use … and we can customize it to suit our practice group, role, and task.”

Going far beyond our competitors with AI and predictive analytics

Together, evergreen and empower help law firms by going far beyond the many practice management solutions that are already in the market. Leveraging the power of Azure, Power BI, cognitive services, and graph technology, evergreen and empower offer the first legal technology platform to be embedded with AI. Our platform helps:

  • Derive actionable business insight to drive decisions by leveraging dashboards and data visualization.
  • Predict potential business outcomes across various financial scenarios such as cash flow, project and firm wide profitability.
  • Remove the cost and burden of low-value, repetitive tasks with proactive and reactive virtual assistants to fee earners.
evergreen-empower: Built with AI and predictive analytics

Explore how evergreen + empower deliver on the promise of cloud

Client story


Fieldfisher is an international law firm headquartered in London. With 22 offices in eleven countries, the firm focuses on four key sectors: energy and natural resources, financial markets, technology, and life sciences.

By implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, the law firm turned off 11 legacy systems, bringing all its data into one place, to work seamlessly. The firm also leveraged’s legal solution, evergreen, to transform the way they work and operate.

In this video, Michael Chissick, Managing Partner; Mabel Harvey, IT Director; and Mike Giles, Finance Director elaborate on their journey to get the best out of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution and why they chose as a partner.

A little more on our approach to driving law firm transformation

One platform for your firm

evergreen and empower are designed to work for law firms of all sizes – small, midsize, and even large, multinational practices. We meet you where you are – wherever you are on your journey by integrating with your existing solutions.

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