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A platform for performance.

evergreen delivers a complete human capital management system to project and service-based organizations that combines database management, work allocation, training, reporting, and more.

Leverage simplicity

  • Be agile with scenario planning features to challenge and optimize organizational structures.
  • Create forward-thinking and data-driven plans to manage staff across dozens of teams effectively.
  • Manage data automatically, seamlessly, and in real time so HR teams can focus on performance.

Maximize efficiency

  • Carry out skill-gap analysis to better see the business's gaps and how to fill them through training or further resourcing.
  • Automate training programs with new staff and ensure an accurate skills register.
  • Quickly and effectively see where support and requisition training is required within Microsoft Teams.

Enhanced workflow

  • Foster a team-driven work culture with business-wide visibility across company goals and targets.
  • Staff can access training resources and create custom training programs that suit their needs.
  • Track progress towards goals from Microsoft Teams to handle work, training and people performance in one place.

HR workflow enhancement and streamline

Dashboards tailored for you

Dashboards are custom-built for each role so that staff can log on for the day and see everything they need in one place. Course suggestions and progress are provided to help staff manage their personal development, and reports are automatically generated to keep managers and HR teams up-to-date.

A fully synchronized resource database

When a team member is absent, the database automatically updates. Managers can plan and adjust the work allocation to keep businesses moving forward. Assign specific team members to project tasks based on their training and strengths to ensure optimal efficiency throughout any project across the entire team, making HR processes more accessible than ever.

HR suit on Microsoft cloud
Microsoft Teams HR advisory and consultation

Up in the cloud

Built for the flexibility of modern working, teams can work in the office, at home, or on the go without losing productivity. With the entire suite built on Microsoft Cloud, see who is working on what, where they’re working from, and more, all in one place in real-time. Sending documents through Teams or email automatically attaches them to projects, files, and profiles to keep data constantly updated.

In-depth and automated reporting

Identify business and staff training trends quickly and enjoy the flexibility of drilling into data. See areas for optimization and make informed decisions faster than ever. From project reports to training, individual goals, and targets, manage, report on, and deliver information to dashboards seamlessly.

Microsoft Teams HR suit
HR operations optimization

Streamline your business in just three months

Go from signing the contract to a fully supported launch in as little as three months with sa.go!. Businesses completely transform with interconnected and constantly updated data for maximum efficiency and productivity within Microsoft Cloud. Using systems staff use daily creates a lower training level and ensures a hassle-free transition. Moreover,’s monthly subscription service is built for longevity and endless scalability.

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