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The future of HR: How employee experience is defined by technology

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For professional services firms that are driven by people with skills and expertise, employee experience is not an option; it is an imperative if you want to attract and retain the best people.

With globalized and distributed teams, one of the biggest challenges that professional services organizations face today is in perfecting the formula to keep employees productive and engaged. The key to this is in providing the best employee experience – how employees communicate, collaborate, and connect; how they can work better, make quicker decisions, and access the right information. Engaged employees are less likely to quit, and therefore, it is critical for organizations to get the employee experience right by facilitating interactions with the right technology.

Employees interact with technology at many points during their lifecycle – applying to a job, onboarding, training and development, performance reviews, time and expense management, etc. Having different, siloed systems to perform each of these tasks will only hinder their productivity. Switching applications and systems also causes strain, lowers engagement, and makes simple tasks cumbersome.

Harmonizing the employee experience with Microsoft

Now, imagine having a single platform that removes these distractions from your work life and amalgamates all your HR experiences. With Microsoft technologies, you can harmonize the way your organization communicates with HR by streamlining your employee experiences. All this by bringing your collaborative applications into the flow of everyday work – by embedding into Microsoft Teams – a place where you are already having your business interactions.

This webcast provides an overview of how you can elevate your employee experience with Microsoft technologies along with a demo of HR in the flow of work and how it minimizes the unnecessary clicking and switching between applications to simplify your HR processes.


  • What’s happening in HR and its impact on technology
  • What is Microsoft doing in HR tech in response to current trends
  • How are and Microsoft shaping the employee experience
  • Hear from Karo Healthcare on how and Microsoft helped them achieve their employee experience goals

Who should watch?

  • HR practitioners
  • Professionals responsible for HR services and employee experience within an organization
  • IT leaders driving organizational change with technology


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