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The 2Ps of IT Services organizations: Measuring productivity and profitability

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For IT Services organizations that manage projects on a daily basis, insights into productivity, profitability, and performance are valuable. However, the starting point to derive these meaningful insights is to get your data in order. Without ‘one version of the truth’ across business units, organizations struggle to meet their objectives.

Today, CFOs who have moved beyond traditional ‘back office’ duties are instrumental in providing the data and analytical insights to drive value, improve efficiency, and enable strategy. While the finance function has always been data-driven, higher client expectations, more data to process, and more people to manage has necessitated a different approach to data and insights to orchestrate projects. CFOs are looking for a top-down view of resources, time spent, and utilization rates to forecast, measure, and increase the profitability of the projects the business takes on. Data is being used not only to assess project profitability but to also understand productivity opportunities and improve results.

As finance becomes an integral part of business transformation, there are three areas that finance decision makers must focus on:

  • Effectively managing data surge
  • Interpreting the numbers to plan and strategize business functions accurately
  • Empowering users with insights to collaborate and make better decisions

This session is a deep dive into how Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform can arm CFOs with data to respond faster and with greater insights, to increase profitability and business value. We also give you an overview of our empower suite of apps built on these platforms that provide finance, client, and project insights, role-based dashboards for a real-time view of project metrics, and automation assistants that assist with finance processes such as consolidation, reconciliation, and invoicing.

What will you learn from this session?

  • How can CFOs deliver profitable projects by harnessing the power of data?
  • The use of insights for proactive project forecasting, planning, and assessment
  • The importance of streamlining data sharing to drive collaboration


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