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People-Powered Projects: Drive a profitable project-centric business

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The best project-based businesses are rooted in strong project operations and delivery practices. When project teams are empowered with the right information to make decisions, they win more contracts, better optimize resource utilization, accelerate project delivery, and get deeper business insights from sales to project financials. This leads to more work and better business overall.

However, it is quite likely that businesses use different solutions to support project operations, resource planning, and billing – from Excel spreadsheets to bespoke solutions, a purpose-built project management solution, or a specific module for resourcing. To use data from multiple disparate IT systems impacts data integrity and makes it difficult to see the big picture. For example, when there is a change in project scope or budget, imagine the time and effort spent in validating data on multiple systems.

The synergetic value of an extensible platform

Integrated solutions are a game-changer for project-based businesses by providing a single source of truth and greater access to information. By centralizing your project management processes on a single platform, you get full visibility into the various aspects of your projects – resource allocation, forecasting, tracking project status and profitability, billing, and reporting.

If levelling up your project delivery game is a priority for you (and it should be), then watch this webcast on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations to learn how and Microsoft make project delivery easier for you. With a single, extensible Microsoft platform to manage the complete project lifecycle, and brought into Microsoft Teams, you can now manage your projects, tasks, and processes without switching applications, toggling screens, or missing data.


  • What factors impede a project-based businesses from completing a project on-time and on-budget
  • How is Microsoft uniquely positioned to address these challenges
  • How are and Microsoft ensuring that project teams put the right people on the right projects and improve project efficiency
  • Client success examples of a single, integrated project operations platform

Who should watch?

  • Professionals responsible for project operations and delivery within an organization
  • COOs/ Project Managers/ Project Delivery Heads/ Project Leads in project-based businesses


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